Institutional DeFi: Navigating the Landscape

Explore how decentralized finance is set to revolutionize the institutional investment landscape.

Delve into the rapidly evolving world of Institutional Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with our comprehensive whitepaper. This publication provides an in-depth analysis of how blockchain technologies are reshaping the financial sector, from traditional banking systems to innovative investment solutions. Authored by industry experts, our whitepaper explores the challenges, opportunities, and future directions of DeFi, offering valuable insights for financial institutions looking to navigate this new terrain.

What you learn in this paper

  • Understanding DeFi's Impact: Learn how DeFi platforms are transforming the financial services industry, including effects on asset management, banking, and compliance landscapes.
  • Technological Advancements: Explore the role of blockchain technology in facilitating transparent and efficient financial operations, highlighting innovations like smart contracts and tokenization.
  • Strategic Adaptation for Institutions: Gain insights into how traditional financial institutions can adapt to leverage DeFi strategies, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Regulatory Considerations: Review the current regulatory environment surrounding DeFi, including challenges and strategic recommendations for compliance and integration.
  • Future Outlook: Discover the potential future developments in DeFi, how they will impact the financial industry, and what institutions can do now to prepare for these changes.
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About the authors

  • Stefan Grasmann

    Stefan Grasmann

    Group Head of Thought Leadership & Chief of Blockchain


    Stefan Grasmann is partner and Group Head of Thought Leadership & Chief of Blockchain at Zühlke. He is responsible for the thought leadership program of Zühlke and is passionate about Blockchain technology and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

  • Portrait photo of Christoph Hock, Head Tokenisation & Digital Assets, Union Investment

    Christoph Hock

    Head Tokenisation & Digital Assets, Union Investment

  • Picture of Hagen Weiss smiling

    Hagen Weiss

    Counsel, Dentons

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