Growing internal platforms as engines for fast flow

How to succeed with internal platforms (1 day training for up to 30 people)

This training will be delivered by Manuel Pais, co-author of the book "Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow" and a recognized thought leader on DevOps and platform engineering.

Internal platforms (or products) are generally understood as a necessity today in most organizations. However, results are often underwhelming and the investment in internal platforms becomes hard to measure or justify. This makes internal platforms fragile and susceptible to changes in funding models or leadership focus.

A better approach is to focus on:

  1. Increasing flow by reducing cognitive load of the teams using the platform; and
  2. Building trust and providing & measuring value early on. Adopting this approach is critical for platforms to go beyond simply “delivering services” and turning into internal engines for fast flow and growth which provide undeniable value to the organization.

This approach supports informed decision making on what to build or not to build (or decommission), and how and when to grow the platform with clear value streams and team alignment. In this training you will learn all about this approach.

In particular, you will learn and apply simple product development techniques in a platform context, like value proposition, adoption lifecycle model, thinnest viable platform, cognitive load assessment, and more! You will also hear and understand when and how to adopt relevant platform metrics like service adoption, user satisfaction, engagement, reliability, and so on.

Join this training to learn how companies like Adidas, Airbnb, Spotify, and others, have successfully adopted this approach.

We also look at some common platform anti-patterns that help us detect when we need to course correct the platform direction, what are the expected behaviors from platform teams, and the “platform skills challenge”.

This 1 day training provides an immersive experience, with a balanced set of lectures, case studies, and exercises in small groups. Learn directly from Manuel Pais, one of the authors of Team Topologies. For more information see Platform as a Product and Traditional vs Modern Internal Platforms: Find the Difference.


This workshop is particularly designed for platform decision makers (CTOs, VPs of engineering, heads of technology, enterprise architects, ways of working leads, etc), but it’s also highly relevant for platform (product) managers, platform product owners, team leads, platform architects, platform engineers & everyone involved in adopting and evolving internal platforms for fast flow in an organization.


Workshop attendees should bring a pen or pencil. No laptops will be used or needed.

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