Figma 01: Fundamentals, prototyping and components

New to Figma and a bit overwhelmed with all the features?

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • Figma Fundamentals
  • Prototyping for clickable screens and animations
  • Using a design system

Fear not, we have you covered. We’ll show you how to design a mobile app, prototype neat animations and how to organise your design. 

Course duration

1 day

Course objectives

You will learn...

... the different design tools like frame, shapes, pen and text.

... how to create interactive prototypes and animations.

... how to use a predefined design system like Material Design.

Course overview

Figma has become a powerful tool with many features. This can be overwhelming especially for beginners. This module enables you to understand how and when to apply which of the key features.

One of the most crucial aspects for working efficiently, is to have your designs well organised. You will learn the different spaces Figma offers and how to apply them.

An important tool in today's design process are interactive prototypes. You will learn how to make a design interactive and give it an extra touch with little animations.

We will use a mixture of theoretical explanation and practical exercises for everyone to follow along and try it out. You will receive additional material for further studying everything that you learn.

This course is the first of three modules of the "Figma – from zero to hero" program. The module can be booked individually or in a bundle for a discounted price. Learn more here.

The course is split into the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Fundamentals

    • Elements and controls
    • 'Spaces' (Organisation, Team, Project, File, Page, Section)
    • Permissions and security
    • Building your first mock-up
  • Chapter 2: Prototyping

    • Clickable screens
    • Reusable overlays
    • Animations
  • Chapter 3: Using a design system

    • Styles
    • What are components?
    • Working with components
    • Auto layout
    • Building your own component

Target group

This module is aimed at designers, UX specialists or product managers who want to become comfortable with using Figma and who would like to gain an understanding of how to interact with a design system.

Prerequisites: None

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