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Zühlke Offerings for Startups and Entrepreneurs

As a Startup or young entrepreneur, the road you take to bring your product to market is hard and long. Nevertheless, it is a very exciting path and it is inspiring to see your idea become real.

We and our colleagues from Zühlke Ventures often hear questions like "What team/skills do I need?", "Do we use the right technology?", "How can we secure the data?", or "What regulatory aspects do we need to be compliant with?"

During the journey of your new company we can assist at different stages:

Three different stages in which Zuhlke assists startups


We want to strengthen Switzerland as a business location and promote innovation. Our experts are keen to do their part and spent part of their education time to answer your questions. Get in touch with us.


We are happy to learn about your endeavor and discuss questions during a Check-up like the ones below: 

  • Skills: Which skills do you need in your team, at which time and which locations? Are these skills available on the market and to what prices?
  • Technology: Which technologies are available and address the specific needs ideally? Which technology is right for which development stage of your company?
  • Product development and releasing: How can we increase time to market? Which toolchain enables the wish for fast and frequent releases?
  • Security: What is necessary to have a safe environment for your data and the data of your customers? Which data is particularly worth protecting? What can you do if something goes wrong?
  • UX: How do you ensure your customers enjoy using your product? How do you know if it’s as useful as you imagine it should be? Are there ways to enhance your customer’s experience?


You are not able to scale fast enough? You only cover your core competencies and need fast access to complementary skills? We are happy to discuss your challenges and find a cooperation model to support your market growth:We are looking forward to hearing from you. Whether it is to choose the right approach, help you with the implementation or just providing you a second opinion about a specific question. 

Stefan Jäger Zühlke

Stefan Jäger

Business Solution Manager
Contact person for Switzerland

Stefan Jäger is Business Solution Manager at Zühlke Bern. In this role he ensures the successful implementation of projects at customer level. As Location Manager of Berne, he approaches new customers, networks and clarifies inquiries from the market. Stefan joined Zühlke in 2008 and has his roots in technology. This helps him to demonstrate a high level of expertise in projects or enquiries with technical content. In market development Stefan focuses on the start-up segment. He is familiar with their culture and needs and can therefore offer Zühlke solutions tailored to their needs.