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UX Certification Course: CPUX – Foundation Level


Get to grips with basic user-oriented concepts and methods which actually work in practice.

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • UX Principles and Guidelines
  • Understanding and describing the context of use
  • Maintaining the requirements of use

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Certification (optional)

Certified by

Schlieren ZH 3 days CHF 2200 CHF 330 
booked through Zühlke

Course overview

What factors determine whether a product makes it very easy, hard or impossible for us to do what we want to do? What options are available for systematically addressing these factors during the design and development process in order to create a great user experience? User experience (UX) as a speciality is concerned with precisely these sorts of issues.

The course is based on the curriculum of the international “Usability and User Experience Qualification Board (UXQB)” and prepares participants for certification as a “Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Foundation Level (CPUX-F)”.
You will be given a comprehensive overview of concepts and methods from the usability and user experience field and will be familiarised with basic principles and best practices.

The course material is designed to be strongly practice oriented. Rather than boring theory, learning objectives are based on understanding, applying and practising user-oriented methods for determining, documenting and testing user requirements.

The course offers a foundation for more advanced courses, such as Advanced Level CPUX courses


At the end of the course, participants will be able to identify relevant UX activities within a project and incorporate them into the project. Certification is a useful additional qualification for anyone involved with usability and user experience. Application of the expertise acquired on the course will also improve project quality.

Target group

The course is aimed at anyone who deals with usability and user experience in their day-to-day work and wishes to ensure that they are up to date with the latest developments. This includes usability engineers, analysts, software developers, testers, project managers, designers, product managers and marketing professionals.

Certification offers the basic knowledge required for effective communication within the team and for overcoming the challenges involved in creating advanced user interfaces.


The certification examination (multiple choice) will be held on the afternoon of the third day of the course and is conducted by the national certification body.

Face-to-face examination
For courses held in Switzerland (Schlieren or Berne) the optional certification exam will be conducted during the afternoon of the last course day by the Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ).

Online examination
The certification exam can also be taken online. Registration is the responsibility of the participants.We recommend the following certification authorities: 

Switzerland: Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ)
International: International Software Quality Institute (iSQI)

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24.11.2021 - 26.11.2021 Zurich

The price includes course materials, course book, snacks, lunch and beverages.
Members of selected organisations (SwissICT, UX Switzerland, etc.) benefit from discounted rates. Discounts are not cumulative.

Optional Certification fees: CHF 330.- / Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ)
The exam takes place in the afternoon of the last course day an will be organised through Zühlke.

Course Book: Usability und UX kompakt - Produkte für Menschen (ISBN 978-3-662-49827-9). Richter/Flückiger.
3  Days
09:00 - 17:00

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