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C++/Embedded Software Engineers, Electronics Engineers & Mechanics Engineers (all genders)


At Zühlke, we develop, design, test, and engineer product and system innovations for start-ups and established manufacturers of household appliances, industrial goods, and medical products. Whether the subject is fleet management systems for self-navigating tunnel boring machines, digital piggy banks or an infusion pump for clinics, embedded engineering means interdisciplinary cooperation. Mechanical engineering, electrical technologies and software design all work together towards the goal of developing a desired device. Our colleagues from these disciplines are specialists in their respective fields and share the enthusiasm for an approach that gives equal importance to agility and to enabling early integration of the various professions with one another.

Embedded Software Eng

C++/Embedded Software Engineering

As a C++/Embedded Software Engineer, you will have a particularly versatile job at Zühlke: in close collaboration with colleagues from other disciplines, you will develop devices and software covering all industries and areas of life. Development is done on various platforms and in various ecosystems - from bare-metal C firmware to wide-ranging C++ applications running on Linux systems – whatever makes the most sense for the respective project.

As an C++/Embedded Software engineer you already have practical experience in the development of software for embedded systems, for example in the areas of firmware for microcontrollers, hardware-software integration, or application and GUI development under embedded Linux.

Electronics Engineerg

Electronics Engineering

Every embedded software requires hardware on which it is executed. As an Electronics Engineer, it is exactly this hardware that you will develop: from ultra-low-power controllers to high-performance multi-core systems. But the electronics in our developments are more than just digital technology. From the low-noise sensor front end, and via radio interfaces to powerful and efficient actuator drivers, the electronics cover everything that the particular system architecture requires. Electronics always form the link between the virtual and the real worlds. Your field of activity will range from the feasibility study and the demonstrator with rapid prototyping, through the step-by-step development of a production-ready design right to the establishment of mass production for your design. Always with the goal of making the whole product successful.

In addition to a sound knowledge of electrical engineering fundamentals, the job requires a broad-based knowledge of technology and components in general. The routine application of standards is just as important as practical skills in the use of simulation and CAD tools as well as measurement technology.

Mechanics Engineering2

Mechanics Engineering

The motivations for our development projects with a mechanical element are as varied as the projects themselves: a completely new product idea, value engineering or design for sustainability are the typical drivers. The associated tasks are correspondingly wide ranging. These include the research and design of components and assemblies by numerical simulations, or by traditional methods in accordance with DIN; the design of (mechanical) structures and entire devices in CAD from the blank sheet of paper to the finished drawing; physical feasibility studies with practical structures or automated test stands; the assembly and commissioning of initial samples as well as tests.

As a Mechanics Engineer, you already have hands-on experience in the development of complex mechanical hardware and are confident in using CAD (especially Solid Works or Creo) and selecting appropriate manufacturing processes. In addition, you are familiar with electronics and software and you like to think outside the box. The more interdisciplinary experience you bring to the table, the better!

What does an Embedded Software Engineer at Zühlke do?

What does an Electronics Engineer at Zühlke do?

What does the development process look like?

What does a typical week look like?

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Meet our colleagues

Florian Zirk

Florian is laying out a PCB after a circuit diagram has been completed. He can be seen positioning components, drawing current tracks and creating copper surfaces on different layers of the PCB.

Marco Dennstaedt

Marco is working here with Node-RED, a tool for visual programming. This allows you to create, for example, a web-based dashboard for visualising sensor data from an IOT device, and to do it quickly and with very little code. In his project, we use Node-RED for device simulations so that testers with little programming experience can easily change the behaviour of the simulated device as needed without depending on software developers.

David Sukinick

David is looking at decoded signals recorded with a logic analyser. He checks that the communication via USB and the translation into another protocol are running without errors.

David and Julia

David and Julia are discussing a software design for an inheritance hierarchy of parameters. The sketch distinguishes between two types of parameters that are passed through a client using two queues. They consider how the messages would have to be transformed when forwarded.


What working at Zühlke is all about

At Zühlke, you are where innovation happens. We focus on teamwork, agile collaboration, and leading technologies to shape the future and challenge the status quo. We like to break down barriers and explore new territory. Our creativity, our skills, and our energy enable us to turn intelligent ideas into valuable solutions – solutions that help our clients bring innovative, effective, and sustainable products, solutions, and processes to the marketplace. At Zühlke, we are driven by «empowering ideas». 

We encourage a growth mindset and keep up to date with state-of-the-art technologies and practices, building on a comprehensive education offering and empowered by a network of highly skilled peers and experts.


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