Revenue from Health Innovation – discover the power of digital business models

Our comprehensive guide delves into the strategies that are setting the pace for innovation and success in the Pharma and MedTech sectors.
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  • Comprehensive overview: Get a deep dive into how digital business models can revolutionise revenue generation in the Pharma and MedTech sectors, driving innovation and efficiency.
  • ResMed case study: Dive into the success story of ResMed's sleep app, showcasing how digital health solutions can enhance patient engagement and outcomes, serving as a model for digital innovation.
  • Future perspectives: Gain insights into the evolving landscape of digital health, including indirect and direct revenue models, and how these can be leveraged for sustained business growth and patient care improvement.

This guide is an essential resource for decision-makers, strategists, and innovators in the healthcare industry looking to leverage digital technologies to drive success. Whether you're in Pharma, MedTech, or digital health startups, the insights within this PDF will equip you with the knowledge to lead and succeed in the digital era.

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