Why most industrial companies fail to innovate radically


This study involved personal interviews with over 60 C-level executives from 28 industrial companies in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.


It will help you to learn more about the clear factors for success and innovation blockers.


We analyse the underlying dynamics we determined to be the cause of those effects and the requirements for a systematic solution to this significant challenge.

Is radical innovation even necessary?

More than 90% of the interviewees believe there is urgent need for radical innovation in light of the future competition landscape.

What causes companies to fail?

Over 80% of the companies surveyed struggle with the very same things. So, what are the most common blockers of innovation?


Existing processes and KPIs

When the radical innovation team come up against existing processes and KPIs, they don’t stand a chance.


Too many people, not enough drive

Projects are often launched with lots of unsuitable profiles and just generate discussion instead of output.



Lack of trust and buy-in, and incompatibility with the existing low-risk mindset.


Sales and product management

Over 90% of the specialists interviewed consider their existing sales organisation unsuitable for selling their new product.


Making it operational

100% of projects that made it successfully to market struggled with the transition into scale and people describe that process as very long and painful.

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Find out more about radical innovation, success factors and the underlying dynamics that cause them.


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