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Zühlke supports Alpiq in the development of its cloud strategy

  • Zühlke provided strategic guidance and a cloud adoption framework
  • Joint workshops and interviews delivered the basis for valuable insights into expected costs and possible risks
  • Alpiq received alternative migration strategies and high-level roadmaps for implementation

Alpiq has decided to implement Cloud First principle to take advantage of emerging cloud technologies. Zühlke has supported the management to choose the best path from a conventional setup to the cloud.

Path to the cloud

Alpiq is a leading Swiss energy services provider and electricity producer in Europe. Its IT units have decided to implement a cloud first/cloud ready-principle. Alpiq turned to Zühlke for advice and support.

Cloud strategy and roadmap

Zühlke provided strategic guidance and a cloud adoption framework for the systematic implementation. The project team compared viable options for migrating into the cloud and indicated the business value, the risks, and the migration and operational costs. Interviews and workshops with IT managers and service owners were held. Zühlke and Alpiq subsequently provided a cloud strategy that covered numerous aspects, such as an application overview, target architectures, migration approach, multicloud management, infrastructure, integration and monitoring. In addition, the operational and migration costs were calculated and a migration strategy and roadmap with major milestones established.

Dietmar Bettio
' The Zühlke project team was extremely task- and project-oriented. They had all the necessary skills to fully address the depth and breadth of the challenges. '
Dietmar Bettio
Head Group IT, Alpiq

Solid basis for the implementation

The cloud strategy revealed concise insights which enabled the management to make informed decisions when implementing the cloud-first principle. These insights included the expected cloud benefits such as provisioning speed, operational resilience, cost efficiency and the availability of innovative technologies.

Journey to the cloud

The all-important building block for making businesses more innovative, flexible and faster is a functioning cloud landscape. But how do you achieve that? Learn more about the Journey to the cloud.

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