Ziglu accelerates the development of a crypto platform

With our help, Ziglu securely integrated with multiple FX providers and crypto exchanges, implemented agile best practices, and acquired an intelligent testing framework that facilitates its quest for continuous regulatory compliance.

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Project at a glance

  • Integrating multiple crypto exchanges, FX and payment providers, cards, KYC, and AML, while collaborating with various custodian banks is challenging and complicated.

  • Secure integrations and a unique testing framework set Ziglu on track to create a commercially viable, compliant application.

  • Zühlke collaboration helps Ziglu leverage agile best practices, accelerate its crypto platform development, and prepare for scalability.

Integration challenge for a cloud-based crypto platform

Ziglu is a financial services start-up offering a regulated, cloud-based crypto exchange platform aimed at people who don’t hold any cryptocurrencies yet. The company wanted to create one truly complete current account that would solve the significant barriers and uncertainties associated with cryptocurrencies and overinflated foreign exchanges.

However, building a financial services firm which integrates multiple crypto exchanges, FX and payment providers, cards, KYC and AML, as well as works with different custodian banks, is highly challenging and complex. So, Ziglu approached Zühlke for help.

Accelerating crypto platform development

Our team was able to bring its financial industry expertise and support Ziglu by spearheading the integration with FX providers and crypto exchanges, developing an intelligent testing framework, and bringing mature practices to a young company.

Together with the Ziglu team, we accelerated the company’s journey towards creating a commercially viable crypto platform.

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Integration with FX providers and crypto exchanges

One of the tasks we undertook was the integration with Form3, Ziglu's selected payment service provider, to facilitate customer fund transfers and connection with Ziglu’s core ledger. This was pivotal to enabling a commercially viable application.

Zühlke’s experts tapped into their financial services experience to quickly navigate the challenges of a complex payments process and develop appropriate solutions. Specifically, we helped Ziglu implement a brand-new security approach, acting as a testbed for Form3 to debug parts of the system during development. As a result, the Form3 integration has enabled Ziglu to offer a far greater level of security than a standard API, access token, and HTTPS REST API service.

Intelligent testing framework development

Testing a sophisticated system with many components meant that Ziglu needed a robust end-to-end testing framework. Our team was entrusted to create the best possible one.

We developed an efficient testing process through the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) tier. This process not only tests the default API surface but also evaluates the entire stack’s functionality, allowing all external partners, exchanges, and databases to be tested based on the behaviour of the system.

Our team ensured that as the test scenarios become increasingly elaborate – with multi-currency, payments, and cards – further tests could be performed. Loads would also be generated for performance tuning, load testing, and destruction testing. In production, Ziglu would be able to monitor the reliability of the system and get alerted whenever any part is down.

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Complementary finance and agile development expertise

Aside from supporting Ziglu with Form3 integration and the development of an intelligent testing framework, our team was also able to bring complementary expertise to the project.

Our specialists shared their extensive knowledge of agile development, allowing the Ziglu team to mature and establish new practices to enhance their ways of working. “Zühlke has been very proactive in refining our agile processes and making us more efficient,” shared Hussein Badakhchani, CTO at Ziglu.

Additionally, thanks to our vast experience in supporting diverse financial services organisations, we were able to advise Ziglu on optimal strategies for making services more resilient, anticipating problems, and minimising service disruptions for the company’s customers.

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Value of working together

Successful client engagements are based on harmonious working relationships as well as open and honest knowledge-sharing. These principles were at the heart of this project. Our specialists and Ziglu’s team worked as an integrated unit to hit all essential milestones and bring the pioneering crypto platform closer to its Beta launch.

As a result of the collaboration, Ziglu was able to:

  • Enhance its security levels far beyond that of a standard API, access token, and HTTPS REST APO service.
  • Prepare for continuous compliance thanks to the ability to confidently test different scenarios across multiple complex layers.
  • Improve the team’s understanding of the agile approach and best practices in preparation for the future.
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