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Working towards a cloud-based customer flow solution

The collection and evaluation of anonymised visitor flows harbours great potential for businesses. Xovis is expanding its range to include a cloud-based solution, with Zühlke assisting with development.

  • Intuitively operated cloud solution for measurement and real-time analysis of visitor flows

  • Simple complete solution and straightforward onboarding

  • Scalable data protection thanks to corresponding software architecture

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Vast potential in customer flow analysis

The evaluation of people flow data enables a number of applications. Retailers, service providers and transport companies alike are able to make use of this data: for example, for marketing activities, optimal resource distribution and using targeted visitor guidance to actively avoid bottlenecks. Xovis develops 3D sensors which use artificial intelligence and edge computing to analyse real visitor flows in real time. Until now, Xovis had only offered the sensors and a complex software solution to airports, but it is now set to expand its portfolio to include a standardised, cloud-based service solution. Zühlke is providing key support in the development and set-up of a new cloud team.

Jörg Wagner, CTO Xovis
' Zühlke really helped us put together a new cloud team within a short space of time, enabling us to implement things faster and build on this independently. '
Jörg Wagner
CTO, Xovis

Easy operation and cloud innovation

The team is focusing on two main elements during the development: the cloud solution needs to enable as many applications as possible and feature a user interface that is as intuitive as possible, while the corresponding software architecture should ensure maximum data security and scalability.

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Real-time analysis, expansion and scalability

The new solution allows real-time data provided by the sensors to be processed directly in the cloud and displayed on a screen straight away. In addition, the new cloud platform boasts superior scalability, meaning further sensors and locations can be added at any time and without additional effort. This enables more businesses to use this technology.

Contact person for Switzerland

Stefan Jäger

Regional Director Bern & Partner

Stefan Jäger has been with Zühlke since 2008 and is responsible for the Bern site as Regional Director & Partner. He ensures successful customer care and can be counted on as a trusted advisor thanks to his technical background. He supports projects from the initial request through to completion. Sharing in the success of both Zühlke and its customers is what motivates him to always go that extra mile.

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