Wellbeing platform: successful development across three continents

digital health management platform, LiveWell by Zurich

The LiveWell platform is a strong addition to Zurich's health management portfolio, with Zühlke assisting in the development of this central touchpoint.

  • Rapid, successful and agile software development with a diversified technology stack

  • Collaborative teams with specialists from Zühlke and LiveWell worked together across three continents

  • Improved positioning thanks to an expanded product range in the growth market of preventative healthcare

Digital wellbeing platform

Through the wellbeing platform LiveWell, Zurich is expanding its portfolio in the field of healthcare with the aim of providing customers with more digital services. Zühlke is once again involved in the development of the web portal as an external partner. The aim is to further refine and optimise elements in the existing app.

Picture of Martin Jahn, CTO LiveWell by Zurich
' Our collaboration with Zühlke is highly constructive and leads us to create genuine added value. Our colleagues at Zühlke enrich our own teams greatly thanks to the expertise they bring to the table. '
Martin Jahn
Chief Technology Officer & Member of the Executive Board, LiveWell by Zurich

Global agility

Joined teams consisting of specialists from LiveWell and Zühlke work together on the products across three continents – from Johannesburg and Zurich to Sydney – using the scrum and kanban agile techniques. The seamless partnership between design and development is a key factor in the success of the project. Cooperation across digital channels alone and agile problem-solving that transcends time zones and language barriers are part of the teams' day-to-day routine. The teams can quickly adapt to the challenging situation, regularly coordinate with stakeholders, and ensure that the focus is always on the client when delivering new features on an ongoing basis and with a high level of technical expertise. Ensuring the web portal and app are user friendly is a top priority. Therefore the teams employ a forward-looking, multi-channel concept and cloud solution.

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Rapid, succesful development

Despite a tight schedule and the app being developed in parallel to the web portal, the teams are successful in getting the web portal ready for launch. Thanks to its web services and the added features as part of the solution, LiveWell can now position itself even more effectively within a global growth market when it comes to health topics.

Contact person for Switzerland

Christian Moser

Chief of Digital Experience & Partner

Christian Moser joined Zühlke in 2005 and is Chief of Digital Experience & Partner. He is a technology enthusiast and a passionate designer. Technology trends are fascinating him. They have the power to transform our lives and society. 

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