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TRACTO-TECHNIK connected moles score big global success

Tracto digitalization
  • Integrated digitalisation strategy means customers worldwide benefit from even more innovative products and services.
  • Product and service innovations make the company’s trenchless solutions even more efficient, simple and safe.
  • IoT system developed, implemented and operated all by a single provider. 

Trenchless pipe installation specialist TRACTO-TECHNIK wanted to boost its global market share. Zuhlke helped it take its first steps with IoT.

Ambitious goals

From water, gas and electricity to fibre-optic cabling, when it comes to underground cabling, pipe installation and renewal, TRACTOTECHNIK is one of the biggest names in the field. To meet growing global demand for innovative «moling technologies» in the long term and to offer its customers new digital services and products, the medium-sized «Hidden Champion» opted for a strategy based on digitalisation and IoT.

A reliable partner from strategy through to operation

TRACTO-TECHNIK worked with Zuhlke to develop an R&D strategy, including some outline business cases. Working closely together, an interdisciplinary team developed the hardware and software architecture for equipment connectivity and a web platform for digital services. At the same time, Zuhlke introduced TRACTO-TECHNIK to agile development techniques and took on the job of operating the new IoT system.

A highly promising digital future

The new range of products and services enables TRACTO-TECHNIK customers to make optimum use of their equipment. The IoT system also means that the company is now in a position to offer services in areas such as data analytics and process automation. As a result, TRACTO-TECHNIK customers can now use their No-Dig equipment more efficiently, boosting their profits.

It also provides TRACTO-TECHNIK with valuable insights for even better adapting their products and services to customer needs.