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The world's most versatile shunting communication

The shunting communication device LISA has reached its end-of-life phase and is in need of a revamp. Zühlke will continue to develop it for future operation, ensuring production and maintenance going forward.

  • Increased user satisfaction thanks to improved product reliability

  • Use of the latest radio technologies, ensuring smooth operation over the next few years

  • Optimisation and guarantee of complex procurement supply chain


Product update after ten years

The first version of the shunting communication device LISA has reached its end-of-life phase and requires an overhaul. At the same time, there is a need to optimise quality in order to improve reliability in the harsh rail shunting operation environment. Having previously collaborated successfully on various endeavours in the past, SBB and Zühlke are once again joining forces to take on this challenging project.

New system architecture for the future

The product architecture is set for a major overhaul in order to increase reliability without changing the external geometry of the device. In addition to these technical challenges, some logistical obstacles will also have to be overcome together. Introducing the new devices during live rail operations is proving to be a rather complex task. This is exacerbated by difficulties in the procurement market and the very tight schedule. A completely revised system architecture is being developed for the new version. In order to supply high-quality equipment and safeguard operations in the long term, Zühlke is also developing a flexible production line with a test system, which can already be used as required during the current production cycle for product maintenance. This helps ensure smooth shunting operations at all times.

How does radical innovation work?

Reliability and enhanced range of applications

Thanks to the improved mechanical properties, the leak-tightness of the device can be significantly enhanced and reliability in field operation optimised as a result. This results in improved user satisfaction. In addition, the device is technologically fit for the future, for example thanks to its 4G compatibility, which further increases its range of potential applications.

Claudio Schödler

Senior Business Solution Manager

Claudio Schödler is a managing partner and the Senior Business Solution Manager at Zühlke. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and an executive MBA. Over the course of his professional career, he has gained a wealth of experience in interdisciplinary product development and manufacturing. Claudio would be delighted to accompany your project from initial brainstorming through to operation on the market. Generating value for the client is Claudio’s top priority at all times.

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