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The working environment of the future

ROOMZ wants to use sensors to measure the utilisation of flexible workplaces and meeting rooms. Zühlke provides assistance with the sensor development and industrialisation of the product.

Executive Summary

  • Zühlke develops sensor optics and industrialises the product  
  • Know-how transfer regarding industrialisation from Zühlke to ROOMZ  
  • Fast time-to-market thanks to market approval know-how and broad development experience 

Making utilisation measurable

ROOMZ specialises in solutions for the agile working environments of the future. Using sensors, the actual use of meeting rooms and fl exible workplaces is measured and the utilisation optimised. ROOMZ builds prototypes for this. For the development of sensor optics and industrialisation of the product, the company gets Zühlke on board. 

Development experience provides speed

The joint team develops a requirement specifi cation in workshops. After the development of the sensor optics, the Zühlke experts conduct measurements to validate performance and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). For the casing of the sensors, Zühlke produces prototypes on a 3D printer and then provides the injection-moulded template for mass production of the casings.

Roger Meier, Roomz
'For a start-up like ROOMZ, time-to-market is vital. Thanks to Zühlke, we have managed to develop our sensors in record time.'
Roger Meier

End-to-end under one roof

In addition to expertise in the area of sensor development, Zühlke provides experience in the acquisition of market approvals for products and a wide network of suppliers. Using the sensors, ROOMZ can measure the actual use of meeting rooms and flexible workplaces, and thereby assist companies with optimising the design of their business premises.