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The digital roadmap to an improved customer journey

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  • Developing a general concept with a clear roadmap

  • Establishing a better understanding of customer needs

  • Next steps: a detailed concept and implentation

The customer journey as a black box

The Road Traffic Office of the canton of Bern wants to promote digitalisation but is facing major challenges: few insights are available into the customer journey and the digitalisation possibilities for the processes are only described in rough terms. In this situation, the office contacted Zühlke to put together a general concept that focuses on a future customer portal along with process optimization.

An interdisciplinary team with an agile approach

Working together, we create a firm plan for which processes need to be digitalised and how. The team at Zühlke is made up of specialists in process, design, interfaces, infrastructure and DevOps. Workshops are held and customer interviews conducted using an agile approach.

Picture of Joerg Gemmer, Head Digital Development
' We found it very helpful that the specialists at Zühlke were able to show us the possibilities of process optimisation with their structured and dedicated approach. '
Jörg Gemmer
Head of Digital Development

An improved understanding of customer needs

The general concept is drawn up in just three months. The Road Traffic Office of the canton of Bern now has a much better understanding of the needs of its end customers and their customer journey. Valuable insights regarding the digitalisation potential of internal and external processes continue to be added. The general concept has given the Road Traffic Office a clear idea of which processes need to be included in a customer portal and in which format in order to take the next step towards digitalisation. The creation of the general concept paves the way for a detailed concept to be developed and implemented.