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Tertianum: Innovation lab for active assisted living

  • Development of user-centric innovations

  • A beacon of innovation for active assisted living and the development of an ecosystem for external innovations (e.g. through startups)

  • Greater appeal as an employer thanks to a training centre for internal and external employees

For Tertianum Management AG, Zühlke has drafted a conceptual outline for the development of an innovation lab, which will not only benefit Tertianum but active assisted living overall.

Innovation lab for Tertianum

Tertianum Management AG wants to use the relocation of its headquarters to Dübendorf (CH) and harness the associated fusion with one of its residential care centres as an opportunity to test innovative ideas in a living lab. It is hoped the lab will serve as an innovation hub for active assisted living. Consulting with the relevant internal and external stakeholders, the available space was designed so as to be both attractive and meet the future needs of Tertianum and its residents.

Added value through user-centric design

In collaborative workshops, the joint team headed by Zühlke first developed the vision and objectives before identifying key stakeholders of the future lab. Clear value propositions and the initial services of the lab were then developed for the defined stakeholder groups in collaboration with their representatives. Based on this material, Zühlke drafted a conceptual outline, which included recommendations for the design of the lab and a roadmap for the subsequent steps.

' Zühlke had the right experience to assist us as a partner. The creative workshops resulted in a tailored concept for our life lab, which the Executive Board and Board of Directors could then use as a basis for deciding whether to continue the project. '
Luca Stäger
CEO, Tertianum Group

Five dimensions for an innovation lab

The design of the innovation lab was described in a conceptual outline covering five dimensions ‘Vision & Strategy’, ‘Offer & Services’, ‘Organisation & Processes’, ‘Space, Methods & Tools’ and ‘Partners & Ecosystem’. Specific next steps were then recommended in a roadmap. Following the go-ahead, the conceptual outline was developed in more detail which served as the basis for an investment proposal.