Space concept for more flexible living


  • Customer receives support in the areas of usability, approval, mechanics and electronics  

  • Zühlke developed and produced the control computer, including all necessary certifications  

  • Readiness for series production is achieved in a short time 

Zühlke supports MOVEment Systems AG, a sister company of Halter AG, in the industrialisation of its flexible room concept with sliding modules.

New forms of housing

In times of increasing one-person households, the shared economy and the discussion about sustainability, even a real estate developer like Halter AG is looking for concepts for the future. MOVEment aims to provide an answer to these social questions. Thanks to sliding modules, users can create different living situations at the touch of a button: For working on the computer, visiting friends or for a well-earned sleep. In this way, tenants can be offered maximum flexibility in the smallest possible space. 

Alex Valsecchi Movement Systems AG
' We were able to draw on a great deal of Zühlke's know-how and, with a great team, we very quickly realised a functioning prototype. '
Alex Valsecchi
Managing Director

Support from concept to end product

Zühlke supported Halter AG from the very beginning in the areas of usability, approval, mechanics and electronics - even directly on the construction site. The control computer is developed and produced by Zühlke, including all necessary certifications. This enables us to jointly develop the concept to production maturity within a short time. 

Enthusiasm and agility

In their joint development, MOVEment Systems AG and Zühlke rely on an agile approach, mutual trust and a great deal of enthusiasm in the team to achieve rapid progress. MOVEment Systems AG benefits from Zühlke's broad know-how in the areas of software, electronics and mechanics in the interdisciplinary cooperation within the MOVEment project.