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Software platform sets new standard

Claas Wheat Harvesting Machine

  • CLAAS wanted to build a new telematics platform 

  • Zühlke develops the application software and integrated components in a narrow window of opportunity 

  • Using agile development methods and DevOps, Zühlke integrates external hardware and software into a backwards compatible solution 

Flexible and compatible with all vehicle types, a future-proof telematics solution means the agricultural equipment manufacturer can now offer its customers valuable new services.

A fully integrated solution

CLAAS wanted to build a new telematics platform that would aggregate data from a variety of different interfaces and use vehicle-specific hardware communications modules to transmit it to a cloud solution. After evaluating a range of potential technologies during preproduction, a joint software development team delivered a fully integrated solution.

Testing limited to harvest season

The new telematics platform needed to be backwards compatible, whilst offering lots of new functionality. Precise requirements were to be firmed up on an ongoing basis as part of CLAAS’ overall digitalisation strategy. Zühlke developed the application software and integrated components from a range of suppliers into the new system, meeting all deadlines along the way. As a further complication, there was a narrow window of opportunity for essential testing, as this had to be carried out during the harvest season.

Thorsten Brunnert, CLAAS
' We put a lot of faith in Zühlke and have been rewarded with absolute reliability and very professional, extremely high quality development. For us, it has been a very successful collaboration. '
Thorsten Brunnert
Head of System & Software Engineering

Scalability for other machine types

Agile, iterative development methods ensured that the team were in a position to carry out testing during this narrow window and that requirements were able to be continuously adjusted in keeping with developments within the company as a whole. Zühlke used continuous integration and  deployment, and DevOps to integrate external hardware and software components into the platform, ensuring that the product achieved the high quality standards required. Now CLAAS and Zühlke are about to implement the new communications module on other machine types. 

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