SC Ventures empowers future generations to make better financial decisions

We worked with the global bank's innovation, fintech investment, and ventures arm to launch a banking application designed to improve financial literacy among young families and children. 

  • Standard Chartered Ventures (SC Ventures) looks to launch a new banking application for parents, aimed at helping children manage finances.

  • Zühlke is SC Ventures' trusted technical advisor.

  • The team accelerates the delivery process and delivers timely application.

Empowering the next generation to be financially literate

Low financial literacy is a global challenge. There's a clear opportunity to improve people's financial skills, knowledge, and understanding – which goes hand-in-hand with improving access to financial services.  

That’s why SC Ventures, a global banking corporate venture, wanted to launch a banking application targeted at young families with children. The aim? To improve financial literacy among children, encouraging them to take their first steps towards securing their financial future.

The application needed to empower parents to distribute allowances and monitor their children’s spending, while building healthy financial habits, early into childhood.  

But the complexity of the platform’s infrastructure, together with collaboration issues, made it challenging to push the application to production. SC Ventures therefore turned to Zühlke to provide technical leadership and accelerate the delivery process of the application. 

Launching a new platform together with Zühlke

With Zühlke’s vast experience in delivering digital banking solutions, the team brought multidisciplinary engineering and DevOps expertise to support the delivery process within the targeted timeline.

Demonstrating agile ways of working, the team also provided project management expertise by prioritising sprint goals. We collaborated with SC Ventures on weekly team retrospectives to incorporate learnings and feedback from previous project phases. 

As a trusted technical advisor, the Zühlke team also ensured that compliance regulations were adhered to. We worked closely with SC Ventures to troubleshoot the deployment code and generate credentials for the respective app stores. 

sc junior app

Laying the foundation for a secure financial future

Zühlke collaborated closely with SC Ventures throughout the entire delivery process, acting as the bank’s key technology partner. Our team optimised and accelerated the entire project lifecycle, with the help of our multidisciplinary engineering and financial domain expertise, as well as our knowledge in driving compliance and controls.

As a result, the application was successfully deployed to production and released in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store in 2022.  

With the solution in place, SC Ventures was able to create an interactive platform to educate children on financial literacy and encourage them to take their first steps towards financial security, empowering future generations to make better financial decisions.  

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