Industrial Sector

Reliable cylinder tracking thanks to a digitised process

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration and early feedbacks led to a compelling solution

  • Lean techniques targeted investment at features whose value had already been proven

  • Rapid software development ensured timely delivery

Linde Healthcare, a market leading gas supplier, wants to digitise its cylinder tracking process to increase efficiency and transparency. Zühlke delivers a monitoring system that provides valuable insights.

Digitised process increases efficiency and transparency

Linde Healthcare required a digital system for tracking gas cylinder supplies in hospitals across multiple rooms and storage facilities. They sought reliable asset tracking, replacing the existing paper-based ordering of cylinders and increasing efficiency and transparency. Zühlke was asked to deliver a monitoring system that provides Linde’s customers with ongoing value and actionable insights. 

Zuehlke & Linde on AWS Industry Day 2021

From prototype to full-fledged production system

A lean approach was taken to generate feedback early in the development process. Together with Linde, Zühlke developed prototype ideas, which were then transformed into a core pilot system that enabled the technical feasibility and business value to be assessed. Once the value was confirmed, the pilot could be expanded into a full production system. 

' Zühlke was a great development partner that helped us turn this project into a huge success using their deep, comprehensive, practical knowledge and experience in the digital space – ranging from IoT solutions and devices to software development and implementation. '
Mandip Singh Thind
Senior Product Innovation Manager

Digital monitoring system creates actionable insights

The capability of the solution was extended to create a multi-tenancy system for several hospitals. Features such as dashboards for hospital porters, nurses and administrators, providing critical information at a glance, as well as tools to facilitate installation and reporting capabilities, thus allowing the identification of efficiencies and cost savings, were added.