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Reimagining diagnostics: Supporting Breathonix to scale up innovation capabilities

  • Breathonix's BreFence™ Go is the first COVID-19 system to receive provisional authorisation from Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA)
  • Zühlke supports Breathonix as a strategic partner in their innovation and data-driven deployment efforts
  • Zühlke brings multidisciplinary expertise to ensure that their solution is future-proof and embed important considerations like data security into their product roadmap
Zühlke works with Breathonix to set solid foundations for their solution architecture and identify opportunities through advanced technologies to scale their digital and innovation capabilities.

As the world reopens to the new normal, many countries are coping with the strategy of living with COVID-19 where testing becomes a “way of life”. To facilitate testing for the mass public, a solution that offers speed, affordability, and accuracy is significantly improving the screening process. 

Developed by Singapore-based start-up Breathonix, BreFence™ Go is the first COVID-19 breath test system to receive provisional authorisation from Singapore's Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in May 2021. The breath analysis system generates test results within a minute — a fraction of the time needed for a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, the current gold standard for testing. 

Zühlke supports Breathonix as a strategic technology partner in their digital innovation and data-driven deployment efforts as they scale up.  

A solution that accelerates accurate, affordable mass screening 

Delivering results in less than a minute, Breathonix’s BreFence™ Go solution uses a proprietary software algorithm to analyse VOCs biomarkers, achieving a 90% accuracy through past clinical trials. The breath testing system does not require trained healthcare personnel or laboratory processing and costs significantly lesser than the widely used PCR test, thereby reducing manpower and resources required for mass screening. 

' Here at Breathonix, we aim to disrupt the billion-dollar diagnostic industry with affordable, accurate and non-invasive solutions for disease detection. With Zühlke, we found a partner with long-standing technical expertise in the Healthcare industry, supporting us with practical insights and guidance on how we approach technical infrastructure and data governance for scaling our solutions for the next phase of growth. '
Wayne Wee
Head of Strategy & Business Development, Breathonix

As part of its progressive innovation, Breathonix continues to invest in research and development to improve the accuracy of its solutions by applying machine learning models on the anonymous data gathered from ongoing clinical trials and field usage. 

The challenge: Build, deliver and scale fast 

For many innovative start-ups like Breathonix who are looking to transform the health industry, the biggest challenges remain on speed to market and infrastructure scalability that supports high-performing secured computing to handle highly regulated patient’s data. 

With targeted expansion plans, Breathonix continues to improve its solution architecture to scale up and establish proper data governance in an agile way to ensure the right balance of data access and security. 

With support from Zühlke, Breathonix's engineering teams work closely with multidisciplinary experts to navigate the unknown, ensuring that their solution is future-proof and embedding important considerations like data security into their product roadmap. 

Partnering with Zühlke early in their product scaling phase, Breathonix achieved a clearer vision for the technical architecture to make the right technological decisions and investments to support their future data capabilities. 

Unlock the value of data to drive meaningful change

Medical technologies and innovations are often the outcomes of years of research and development. With impact from the pandemic, innovative solutions from both established healthcare providers and start-ups are going to market faster than ever. In the first quarter of 2021, healthcare funding has hit a new high with a total of $31.6 billion according to CBInsights. The industry is growing at a record-breaking pace, and so is competition. 

To stay competitive, embracing digital and data-driven transformation is essential for all health companies, both large and small. From improved diagnostic algorithms and clinical outcomes to streamlined healthcare delivery, data will continue to provide unique value for the industry to enhance accessibility and reduce inefficiencies. 

Efficient management, analysis, and interpretation of health data by disruptive players like Breathonix will continue to bring meaningful change to the global healthcare space.