Real estate trading in the Blockchain

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  • SwissLife needs an app solution that handles trading via Blockchain 

  • Zühlke develops an experience prototype in only six weeks 

  • Opportunities and risks of the block chain technology for Swiss Life are worked out and a know-how transfer to SwissLife takes place

Swiss Life wants to offer an app for trading in real estate investments. Zühlke develops a trading platform for the insurer based on Blockchain technology.

Real estate trading in the Blockchain

With ImmoCrowd, Swiss Life wanted to create a platform for trading in real estate investments. The insurer needed an app solution that handled trading via Blockchain, and commissioned Zühlke to develop it. The goal was to implement the project in question, highlighting the opportunities and risks of blockchain technology for Swiss Life, and transferring the know-how to the client. 

Proven agile approach

Together with Swiss Life, Zühlke’s specialists developed and documented the exact requirements for the app and the integration of the Blockchain. On the basis of the resulting UX mock-ups, the application was developed with Swiss Life in just six weeks using proven agile methods and regular feedback cycles. 

Trading function on Blockchain

In a very short development period, Zühlke generated an experience prototype of the app. It already offered a fully functional system with front- and back-end integration, and features such as search, property details, user dashboard, Blockchain trading, user administration and paperless user onboarding via the app. The core of the app was the trading function, built on a network with the Ethereum Blockchain.