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Polypharmacy for Medical Treatments

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  • A platform on interaction checks is based on outdated technology
  • Using low code and its own UX experts, Zühlke modernised the platform and made it easy to maintain and scalable
  • The new platform is convincing not only because it offers added value for the operator but also because it is easier to use for the user

A platform for interaction of MediQ checks for medical treatments was based on outdated technology – Zühlke transformed it into a maintainable and scalable product.

Platform for interaction checks for medical treatments

MediQ runs and maintains a platform for interaction checks for medical treatments. However, the platform was based on outdated technology and suffered from reduced usability and maintainability. The product had to be brought to the next generation with minimal effort. Zühlke was asked to develop the next release. 

' In Zühlke we found the right partner to turn our outdated platform into a more user friendly and faster product. It comes now with valuable features for the customer and is medical device compliant. '
Emanuela Pufe-Fusi
Head of MediQ

Maximum outcome with minimal effort

Zühlke put together a mixed team consisting of experts for cloud application and low code. Together with internal UX experts, Zühlke improved the usability of both backend and frontend and led the project according to regulatory compliance. In order to create the maximum outcome with minimal effort, Zühlke employed proven UX concepts and used low code software frameworks.

Added business value

Zühlke transformed the outdated platform into a maintainable and scalable product and added business value on both backend and frontend. The new platform has better response times, a better usability and it provides valuable features for user control and management.

Daniel Wilhelm Zühlke
Contact person for Switzerland

Daniel Wilhelm

Business Solution Manager

Daniel Wilhelm is a Business Solution Manager at Zühlke. His responsibility comprises sales and engagement management to deliver innovative products and services for the Health Tech industry. He is passionate to combine expertise in business and technology with a solution-oriented mindset to empower project teams and delight customers.

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