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Parking meter for the Internet of Things

Digitalparking produces parking solutions. In cooperation with the company, Zühlke develops the latest generation of parking meters - from the housing and electronics, to the web portal.

Executive Summary

  • The company's bestseller is getting on in years and will be replaced by a new model 
  • With the solution developed by Zühlke, operators can retrieve data such as parking space occupancy or system status via the Digitalparking web portal 
  • In the latest model, the checkout volume is now increased - while retaining the same design and software. This allows the operating costs to be reduced 

Reinventing a classic product

Digitalparking (former Taxomex) is Switzerland’s leading parking meter manufacturer. The company’s bestselling meter is getting on in years and needs to be replaced by a new model. It should match the old model in terms of ruggedness and service life while also accommodating digitalisation. Digitalparking needs a powerful partner for this endeavour with resources and expertise in industrial design, mechanics and electronics as well as the development of firmware and web portals. In preparatory workshops, Zühlke taps into Digitalparking’s know-how and sets out the requirements for the new product. 

Simple data evaluation

The newly developed TOMeco parking meter is ready for the networked future. With the latest generation of Digitalparking meters, operators can call up data such as parking space occupancy or system status via Digitalparking’s web portal. This is achieved by connecting the meters to the Internet with 4G technology. 

Urs Schmid, Digitalparking
The entire specialist expertise is already in place at Zühlke. That made the cooperation an all-round success.
Urs Schmid
former CSO

Further development of TOMeco

Following the successful roll-out of the first version, the TOMeco model is being continuously developed. First, the option of entering the vehicle's number plate instead of the parking space is added. This increases the level of flexibility and scalability for parking managers. In the latest model, the cash register volume is now being increased - with the same design and software. As a result, operating costs can be reduced.