OBT AG: building a customer portal with Zühlke

new customer portal, OBT

  • Replacing an obsolete solution with the new MyOBT customer portal

  • Greater efficiency through maximum integration of third-party systems, such as Abacus

  • Optimising digital collaboration between consultants and customers while ensuring the customer interface also offers an outstanding user experience

OBT, a financial auditor, fiduciary, and IT consultancy, decides it’s time to update its customer interface. Zühlke is brought in to build the new customer portal, MyOBT.

New digital touchpoint

The financial auditor, fiduciary, and IT consultancy OBT wants to update its central customer interface by replacing the obsolete technology of its current platform. The new portal will serve as the main hub for liaising with customers. Zühlke is brought in to implement the new solution.

Focusing on added value

Zühlke’s team works with OBT on planning and implementing the consultancy’s digital transformation – in stages and with a focus on creating added value. The aim is to incorporate users’ experiences with the current platform and implement other interactivity improvements to the entire customer interface.

Thomas Zuger
' To help us manage our digital transformation as an SME, we need a partner who understands our business and is able to quickly and efficiently address our needs with their solutions. Zühlke is precisely the kind of partner to help us do just that. '
Thomas Züger

An outstanding user experience

The new MyOBT customer platform revolves around delivering an outstanding user experience and streamlining internal efficiency: superfluous administrative processes are eliminated, enabling OBT consultants to provide their customers with an even better service. The integration of existing features from peripheral systems like Abacus also helps to strengthen the partnership between consultants and customers, as digital processes can be customised.