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Nemis AG: market maturity as a start-up in just two years

  • Reduction of time to market

  • Focus on in-house expertise

  • Innovations pave the way for product and process optimisation

In collaboration with Zühlke, the start-up NEMIS AG succeeded in industrialising its innovative food-safety solution and building up a corresponding supply chain for the production of several million units a year.

Only one chance as a start-up

Swiss start-up NEMIS AG has developed a new method for use in the food-processing industry. This allows bacteria to be detected several times faster than with common procedures. For NEMIS, the key elements of a successful market launch are low manufacturing costs, high reliability, the establishment of a stable supply chain, and a short time to market.

Porträt von Arnaud Muller, CEO Nemis AG
' By working with Zühlke, we’ve been able to reach market maturity in an extremely short time even as a young start-up. '
Arnaud Muller
CEO, Nemis AG

Consistent focus on core expertise

NEMIS and Zühlke act as a joint team, with the experts from Zühlke assuming responsibility for the system environment and packaging, as well as for setting up the entire supply chain. In addition, the team ensures that plastic packaging is developed, injection moulds are produced, and filling and packaging systems are installed on suppliers’ premises. An agile project procedure allows a quick response to changing market requirements and new insights in order to adhere to the desired market launch.

Easier and faster detection of bacteria

After almost two years of development and series ramp-up, the company is entering the market with a detection kit for the first types of bacteria. The development pipeline for other species of bacteria is well filled and offers scope for considerable upscaling. The NEMIS N-LightTM kit provides the food industry with an inhouse method for detecting possible contamination of their production systems with harmful bacteria such as listeria without the need to invest in expensive laboratory equipment or highly skilled staff.