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Lower costs and added business value thanks to data platform

Utility and power distribution company EKZ (Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich) is seeking to digitalise a manual process. The data platform developed and implemented by Zühlke reduces costs and generates more insights. 

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  • A data platform that automates a usually timeconsuming and expensive process
  • Concept, implementation and employee training all from a single source
  • The automated data platform leads to lower costs, increased data quality and improved business insights

Time-consuming manual process

Swiss utility and power distribution company EKZ (Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich) wants to automate the time-consuming manual process of analysing data from more than 1,000 heating systems. As things currently stand, the data first needs to be exported from different systems and then linked. In addition, the data quality is not systematically monitored. The aim is to centralise the various data on one platform and make analyses available from a technical, operational and financial perspective. This is to be done in a simple and automated manner in self-service mode for internal stakeholders via the business intelligence (BI) tool. For this purpose, EKZ has contacted Zühlke.

photo Fabian von Arx, EKZ
' With Zühlke’s support as an expert partner, we were able to implement our digitalisation strategy quickly and effectively. '
Fabian von Arx
Head of Control Systems/MSR Energy Contracting, EKZ

Concept, implementation and training

The data specialists at Zühlke handle the design and implementation of the platform architecture, as well as the integration of the data processing pipelines and initial BI reports. To manage all this, a modern lakehouse concept is utilised, enabling efficient operation and the flexible addition of enhancements in future. Furthermore, EKZ employees are to be introduced to DevOps principles and trained to ensure that they can develop the data platform themselves going forward.

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Lower costs, increased quality and more insights

With the new data platform, EKZ is able to optimise internal costs and ensure the seamless monitoring of data quality. In addition, the data can now be analysed and visualised in a much more individual manner thanks to the broad, detailed data basis. This helps the company to better understand its own processes and the needs of its customers.

Reto Stucki, Zühlke
Contact person for Switzerland

Reto Stucki

Senior Business Development Manager

Reto Stucki is committed to valuable solutions, excellence and innovation. As an Engineer in Electronics and Information Technology with an EMBA in Digital Transformation he likes to use technology to create business value. He supports innovation leaders across ten growing industries including Real Estate, Transportation & Logistics, Energy, IT and Professional Services.

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