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Integrated software platform for efficiency

Fachkraft vor einer Maschine
  • More effective tool design
  • Standardisation of a core process
  • Added value for customers thanks to 3D visualisation prior to production

Reishauer requests Zühlke’s help in revolutionising one of its core processes using an integrated software platform. Customers benefit from increased planning security and cheaper, faster production.

A core process made perfect

Reishauer is the world’s leading provider of gear grinder technology, which represents the final step in the shaping process for most transmission gears. The perfect gear surface allows for the ideal rolling motion between two gears that you need for efficient, quiet transmission with high output density. One crucial core process that Reishauer has optimised and improved over the years is tool design and calculation of the associated grinding process.

Dr. Fabrice Monti di Sopra, CTO Reishauer AG
' Our many years of successful cooperation with Zühlke have produced several achievements: from increased design efficiency to porting of results with no media discontinuity. '
Dr. Fabrice Monti di Sopra
CTO Reishauer AG

Creating a sustainable platform with Zühlke

To better support this process, Reishauer works with Zühlke to develop a new software platform. It replaces more than five existing applications and guides the user from tool design to gear production at the grinding machine with no media discontinuity. The platform pools mathematical and expert knowledge from disparate sources in its core and is now available in a standardised version to all users for every step of the process.

Benefit for Reishauer

By simplifying and standardising the core process, the new software platform enables consistently higher gear quality. Using the same mathematical core for both design and production minimises the design iterations, which saves time and costs. Additional 3D visualisations and customer documentation also enable initial coordination alignment with the customer before the first gear goes into production. Combined with the simultaneous proof of producibility, this means that Reishauer can offer new USPs, adding a new dimension to its leading market position.

Rolf Höpli
Contact person for Switzerland

Rolf Höpli

Director Business Development

Rolf Höpli is Director and Partner at the Zühlke Group. As a Machine Engineering and Computer Science graduate, he is responsible for business development in Switzerland for the industrial MEM sector. In addition to the overarching theme of digitalization, Rolf is currently focused on the transformation of the customer experience, interdisciplinary product innovation and monetization of data science use cases. Rolf is a speaker and lecturer, he passes on his experience on the topic of digitization at universities of applied sciences (ffhs and BFH) and at MEM congresses.