Hannover Re: digitalisation project sets new standards

Digitalizationproject HR
  • This agile governance structure provides the basis for future software development projects.
  • Its flexible domain logic facilitates rapid implementation of products, sales campaigns and market requirements.
  • The usability expertise reduces the complexity of the system.

Hannover Re is digitalising its customers’ application and claims processes. Zühlke is supporting the company with the development of its concept and assisting with maintenance and technical implementation.

World-class efficiency and flexibility

Hannover Re has a powerful vision for hr|ReFlex, its globally popular software for automated risk and performance assessment: the greatest possible process efficiency on a wide range of sales channels, coupled with a high level of adaptability to the needs of primary insurers. Zühlke is supporting the development of hr|ReFlex from the initial concept through to maintenance. It is also responsible for large parts of the technical implementation.

Jens Blohm
' We wanted to provide our clients with customised point-of-sale solutions, complete with an outstanding market launch. Thanks to our brilliant partner, Zühlke, we were able to do just that. '
Jens Blohm, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, Life & Health
Hannover RE

Close relationship between business and IT

Zühlke made agile processes an integral part of the project, thus creating a solid foundation for further development. A joint team developed the initial concept for the solution. Zühlke business analysts were then able to gather requirements as the basis for an impressive initial prototype. Drawing on this, Zühlke worked closely with Hannover Re’s specialists and IT department to develop a final solution.

Latest generation of an underwriting and point-of-sale system 

The risk assessment engine developed by Zühlke introduces a greater degree of automation to the corresponding function of hr|ReFlex. It also provides a powerful software environment for a wide range of sales channels. Risk and performance assessment of life and property insurance services, which are informed by the far-reaching knowledge of Hannover Re’s experts, can be configured at any time.