Digitalisation & Disruption

Greater proximity to the customer with digital services

Alpiq virtual energy landscape

  • New digital services in the field of battery technology should bring the energy group closer to the end customer

  • Zühlke conducts an eight-part workshop series with Alpiq decision-makers and experts

  • Thanks to the holistic approach, misinvestments can be prevented and new market potential identified

Alpiq aims to strengthen its access to customers by extending its range of digital services. Zühlke supports Alpiq in identifying and elaborating business cases.

Improving access to end customers

Alpiq wants to further strengthen its market position in the areas of power generation, energy trading and energy services, and to exploit growth opportunities in the B2B and B2C sectors. Among other things, new digital services in the field of battery technology are planned to connect the energy group more closely to end customers. Various ideas for extending the range have already been generated. Zühlke supports Alpiq in evaluating existing ideas, identifying new ones, and devising scalable business cases.

Clear focus through innovation management

Zühlke conducts a series of eight workshops with decision-makers and experts from Alpiq. The project team subjects existing ideas to a maturity assessment in order to identify and validate new market opportunities. For the ideas that stand the test, value propositions and business cases are developed. Applying innovation methods and adopting the customers’ perspective encourages entrepreneurship among the stakeholders.

Scalable business model

Zühlke assists Alpiq in stating the challenge more precisely. Thanks to a holistic consideration of market opportunities – by taking regulatory parameters into account, for example – it is possible to prevent misinvestments and identify new market potentials. On the basis of validated use cases, the project team develops a scalable business model in the area of Digital & Commerce.