Easy access to DeFi investments

Gorilla Funds

Efficient onboarding of new investors thanks to an intuitive user interface.

  • Solid business case ensures return on investment
  • Attractive end-2-end solution with own branding and direct link to the Enzyme Protocol
  • An intuitive user interface simplifies the onboarding of new investors

Complicated access to fund providers

Investor interest in cryptocurrencies and tokens is booming. Enzyme Protocol provides access to more than 200 DeFi investments. But accessing fund providers on the Enzyme blockchain is complicated. That’s where start-up Gorilla Funds comes in. The company aims to provide fund managers with a simple, intuitive user interface for use by their customers, with the aim of stimulating investor interest in DeFi investments.

Clear business case

Gorilla Funds and Zühlke started out by developing a joint product definition and a clear business case – the basis for an MVP that was then iteratively developed further with features like the direct investment of fiat currencies (e.g. euros) in cryptos. At the same time, Zühlke supported Gorilla Funds in tightening up their pitch and in presenting the result to the Enzyme Council.

Intuitive user interface

The result is an end-to-end solution for fund managers, who can now reach out to customers with their own branding, an investment strategy, and a direct link to Enzyme Protocol. The solution includes integration of the entire transaction authentication process, KYC (know-your-customer), offers the ability to invest fiat currencies directly in cryptocurrencies, and enables investors to make DeFi investments without direct access to Enzyme Protocol. In addition, the intuitive UI simplifies the onboarding of new investors.

Jan-Philipp Koch
Contact person for Germany

Jan-Philipp Koch

Principal Business Developer

As an innovation partner, Jan-Philipp supports banks and other financial services companies in the development of data-driven business models and digital solutions and processes. He brings experience as a consultant from a technology and management consulting firm and thus extensive knowledge in the areas of Data, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

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