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From concept to working cloud platform in just eight months

Liiva, a digital home ownership platform founded in partnership with Mobiliar, has set out to become the first fully integrated platform for residential property. Through its partnership with Zühlke, this vision is being realized in record time.

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  • A highly automated, scalable, secure cloud platform as the foundation for further expanding the ecosystem
  • Excellent user experience with unique, innovative features
  • Together with Zühlke, the path from the concept phase to the real product took just eight months

Vision of a platform for residential property owners

Until now, no end-to-end platform existed for residential properties, neither in Switzerland nor in any other country worldwide. The vision for Liiva – a digital home ownership platform founded in partnership with Mobiliar – is to integrate all key features and applications for owners of private residential properties in a single shop. Liiva’s ‘one-stop shop’ platform includes this full range of features, e.g. property search, financing options, new property insurance, assessing the need for renovations, appraising properties in their current state, and even selling properties.

Launching a new platform together with Zühlke

The vision was clear. But first, Liiva had to be founded as a new business and the team assembled. Liiva turned to Zühlke to work on developing the digital platform. The platform is built on Microsoft Azure and running entirely in the Swiss Datacenter. Together, they took the original idea and turned it into a unique residential property platform in just eight months.

Further integration of third-party providers

The plan is to continuously develop the Liiva platform in order to form the core of the ecosystem for private residential property. The goal is to implement additional services, including from third parties such as building contractors, tax advisory firms, and architecture firms. The basis for achieving this is the platform’s open standard, which makes Liiva a digital complement to the current business model of the two parent companies, Mobiliar and Raiffeisen. In turn, customers can be more proactive and gain access to an even more comprehensive range of services.

Reto Stucki, Zühlke
Contact person for Switzerland

Reto Stucki

Senior Business Development Manager

Reto Stucki is committed to valuable solutions, excellence and innovation. As an Engineer in Electronics and Information Technology with an EMBA in Digital Transformation he likes to use technology to create business value. He supports innovation leaders across ten growing industries including Real Estate, Transportation & Logistics, Energy, IT and Professional Services.

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