Enabling business growth through migration to the cloud

Zühlke guides German fintech JITpay on their journey to the cloud, enabling their team along the way.

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  • Migration of business-critical production systems to the public cloud in just two months
  • Significant reduction in the effort of service maintenance and administration ensures more innovation resources
  • New cloud solution ensures high scalability, availability, resilience, and security
Manuel Faeh, CIO, JITpay
' Zühlke operated directly on our organisational heart and guided us seamlessly through the whole transformation. '
Manuel Faeh

Migration to the public cloud

JITpay, a logistics fintech company based in Germany, is entering a phase of intense scaling up across Europe. To facilitate business growth, the decision is made to migrate their mission-critical production system to the public cloud.

The main drivers for moving to the cloud are scalability, enhanced business continuity and the ability to leverage additional business opportunities. Due to the nature of JITpay’s business model, financial regulatory requirements also need to be considered. 

JITpay is looking for a partner to guide them in selecting a public cloud provider and to perform the migration of the entire system, keeping in mind their specific requirements and a need for team enablement within a short time frame.

Validation and analysis

JITpay's on-premise solution consists of a Kubernetes cluster with supporting services around it, SQL and no-SQL databases, a message broker service and file storage.

The Zühlke team conducts due diligence on the system to be migrated and analyses business and technical requirements. Based on the needs and business goals, Zühlke designs the target AWS solution architecture and implements pragmatic replatforming of some core services with the managed cloud offerings. This cloud infrastructure is implemented using Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) to improve consistency and security and lower the risk of human error. The knowledge transfer to the JITpay team is successfully conducted.

Scalability, resilience, and security

Through a one-team approach, the migration is completed within two months. The approach and architecture design reduces the maintenance and management overhead of services and helps JITpay to focus on bringing innovation and value to their customers. JITpay is able to gain the benefits of the new operating model without any impact on daily operations and customer experience.

With an expectation to double the business volume within 12 months, the new cloud setup enables scalability, high availability, resilience and security of the public cloud infrastructure using managed cloud service offerings. Cloud cost optimisation is being achieved due to the elasticity offered by the AWS cloud.

At the end of the project, the JITpay team is able to run the system in the public cloud independently.

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Stefan Hirzel, Head of Banking, Zühlke Switzerland
Contact person for Switzerland

Stefan Hirzel

Head of Banking Switzerland

Stefan Hirzel joined Zühlke in 2013 and is responsible for the banking business for Zühlke Switzerland. He is a technology enthusiast and a passionate entrepreneur. Stefan is particularly fascinated by the financial industry, where he brings in his two traits day after day, and in close collaboration with our customers.  

Jan-Philipp Koch
Contact person for Germany

Jan-Philipp Koch

Head of Banking Sector

As an innovation partner, Jan-Philipp supports banks and other financial services companies in the development of data-driven business models and digital solutions and processes. He brings experience as a consultant from a technology and management consulting firm and thus extensive knowledge in the areas of Data, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

Myles Davidson
Contact person for United Kingdom

Myles Davidson

Director Business Development

Myles Davidson is an experienced leader for the digital transformation of companies and product innovation. Significant experience in driving business initiatives on a local and international level in a complex and rapidly changing environment. Myles is known as trusted advisor for clients at C- and board-level for strategic questions around business innovation and technology.

Ruchi Singhal
Contact person for Singapore

Ruchi Singhal

Head of Financial Services Asia

Ruchi is an experienced technologist with over 20 years of IT industry experience working with global financial institutions, enterprises, and start-ups. In her role, Ruchi has led interdisciplinary teams building & supporting successful digital solutions, products, and platforms for the financial services sector. She is passionate about solving complex business problems using innovative digital solutions to transform and grow businesses.

Julia Übeleis
Contact person for Austria

Julia Übeleis

Industry Lead FSI Austria

Julia Übeleis holds a degree in economics and has dedicated herself to the topics of digitalization, innovation and regulation for over 20 years. As Business Development Manager, she is responsible for the Financial Services Industry Market Unit at Zühlke Austria since 2022. Prior to that, she was responsible for the successful implementation of strategic projects in banking and insurance companies as well as in management consulting for clients in financial services. For her, Heraclitus' motto is particularly significant: The only constant is change.