Digitalisation reduces manual workload and boosts satisfaction

The GVB Group wants to further digitalise its processes and once again turns to long-standing partner Zühlke for this. Joint development quickly gets underway in an iterative process involving close consultation with the target group.

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  • Digitalisation of further customer interfaces

  • Joint technology evaluation, requirements engineering and iterative MVP development lead to rapid progress

  • Reduced manual workload and increased customer satisfaction Mobile and UX expertise needed

Smart claims - fast, uncomplicated and customer-friendly

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Mobile and UX expertise needed

Building insurance provider Gebäudeversicherung Bern (GVB Group) already has a digital claims process co-developed by Zühlke.It now wants to digitalise more customer interfaces and processes, such as damage inspection, while extending and further integrating the functions of the existing platform. The GVB Group turns to Zühlke once again for this, particularly for external expertise in mobile development and user experience.

portrait photo Livio Weissbaum, GVB Group
' The open and honest dealings with each other simplify the collaboration. As a customer, this makes me feel part of the team and a partner. Accordingly, we were able to analyse and optimise the old process together. '
Livio Weissbaum
Product Owner Insurance, GVB Group

Joint evaluation and MVP development

The joint team, made up of specialists from the GVB Group and Zühlke, conducts a preliminary study to evaluate the technology and develop prototypes with Flutter, Google’s open-source UI development toolkit. This is preceded by extensive requirements engineering. An initial MVP is produced as quickly as possible in an iterative process involving close consultation with the target group. Regular interviews with end users – the GVB Group’s expert appraisers – yield valuable feedback. The MVP thus paves the way for a widely used app with a wider range of functions.

Ecosystems – hype or opportunity?

Reduced workload and increased customer satisfaction

The digital damage inspection process considerably reduces the manual workload. Most cases are now handled via the enhanced platform. This has resulted in improved satisfaction among end customers. Since its initial release, the app is being improved on an ongoing and iterative basis, with user feedback serving as key input. The GVB Group has therefore reached another milestone on its journey to becoming a digital insurance company.

Markus Reding, Head of Insurance and Partner
Contact person for Switzerland

Markus Reding

Managing Director Insurance Switzerland & Partner

Markus Reding leads the Market Unit Insurance at Zühlke in Switzerland. For more than 20 years he is responsible for innovation, strategy, product management, software engineering, and business development in various leadership positions and has practical experience from numerous digitisation projects. Meeting the challenges and market trends in the insurance industry with innovative solutions is what drives him.

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