Defining a solution for the digitally savvy customers of an advisory bank

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  • A product strategy that promotes long-term customer loyalty from an early stage
  • Preparation of the strategic make/buy/adapt decision 
  • Support with decision-making and a roadmap for the management team

Thurgauer Kantonalbank (TKB), a regional advisory and retail bank, wants to develop a complete solution for its digitally savvy customers. Zühlke develops a product strategy and a roadmap together with TKB.

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Digitally savvy target group attracted to neobanks

A young and digitally savvy clientele is making increasing use of the free basic services offered by purely digital banks. TKB wants to meet the needs and expectations of these customers across all phases of life. The preliminary study determines whether a stand-alone mobile solution has the potential to set the company apart from new competitors and thus increase market penetration. The aim is to offer a simple banking product in order to bind customers to TKB as early as possible for the long term. One challenge here is that the solution has to be embedded in the banking context. A decision has to be made about whether to integrate a solution into the existing product range or whether to opt for a stand-alone solution.

Marco Loser, Head of Digital Channels, Thurgauer Cantonal Bank
' The customer-centric approach in the preliminary study ensures that we have a sound basis for decision-making when planning the digital channels. '
Marco Looser
Head of Digital Channels, Thurgauer Kantonalbank

Creating the product vision with an interdisciplinary team

Specialists from CX, technology and business work together in a single team. Customer needs are validated by means of interviews, and ideas for an ideal mobile banking product are developed together in several ideation workshops. These ideas are put to the test by end customers using a prototype. Based on the needs identified, a decision is made to integrate the solution into the existing product range.

Mobile banking solution for a broad customer segment

A product vision and a prototype are subsequently developed. The solution is also evaluated from an IT perspective and the make/buy/adapt decision is strategically prepared. Thanks to the implementationoriented, concrete recommendations and a roadmap, the management team can efficiently decide on the further course of action.

Stefan Hirzel, Head of Banking, Zühlke Switzerland
Contact person for Switzerland

Stefan Hirzel

Managing Director Banking Switzerland

Stefan Hirzel has been at Zühlke since 2013 as a partner and Head of Banking Switzerland. His focus is on combining technology, business value and customer experience. Together with his team, he works day in, day out on innovations to drive forward Swiss banking.

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