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Data-driven fitness centre for mental health

  • Data-driven treatment strategy for even more personalised patient care, offering a massive competitive advantage to the customer

  • Cutting-edge technologies streamline complex analyses and support diagnostics, meaning much less organisational work for healthcare professionals, leaving more time for face-to-face patient contact

  • Linking the app with wearables provides additional vital parameters and context for treatment

Austrian mental healthcare provider Anima Mentis is using data and AI to help prevent and treat mental disorders. This involves collecting and processing a host of biometric, medical and contextual data inside and outside of the company’s own wellness centre.

The company commissioned Zühlke to build an app as well as a cloud-based AI platform which analyses the information to support the experts in creating personalised recommendations for patients. These treatment plans are aimed at preventing burnout and boosting mental strength. This revolutionary approach is enabling the provider to gain significant competitive advantages for itself.

Experts can tailor treatments even better now to address a person’s main difficulties, analyses have become much easier and the time needed to document case histories can be reduced considerably.

Digital solutions in health are the future

Offering highly personalised treatment for mental health involves a lot of analytical effort. Conventional therapies often require the attending experts to spend countless hours documenting a patient’s case history – not to mention long treatment timelines. Physical reactions and vital parameters provide valuable information that can be used to speed up this process. However, evaluating these manually is not an effective solution.

This is why Anima Mentis decided to work with Zühlke and develop a digital solution that could easily collect and analyse this data, and transform it into something that professionals can work with.

Peter Kirschner Anima Mentis
' With Zühlke, we have a strong partner at our side who has helped us to collect and use analogue and digital data together securely and effectively. The developed app and the analysis platform form the core of our 'fitness centre for mental health'. '
Dr. Peter Kirschner
CEO of Anima Mentis

Datadriven technologies

Together with the customer, Zühlke developed an app and a cloud-based AI platform to offer a solution that allows them to quickly analyse a wide range of biometric, medical and contextual data, both on site in the customer’s own centre and from other locations. Data security is of great importance for Zühlke, which is especially key in healthcare.

This is why state-of-the-art encryption standards have been implemented, starting with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare’s own platform standards and supplementing those with further special security features. Customers also benefit from a unique holographic identification solution accessible via QR code, ensuring their data always stays fully anonymous.

A 360 degree view of mental health

The data gathered during the sessions also provides insights into how patients react to various scenarios, situations and experiences. Additionally, if the person is not physically present at the centre, their reactions, emotions and other parameters can be shared with experts using the app’s self-service features. Linking the app with wearables also enriches the data with additional vital parameters.

In other words, the app is crucial to collecting patient data. It provides the experts at Anima Mentis access to the patient’s vitals, such as heart and breathing rate, as well as any relevant contextual information. If, for example, the patient is on their way to an important meeting, they can log this in the app to help clarify certain behaviours and reactions. The collected parameters can then be used to create personalised treatment plans that can be fine-tuned over time based on contextual and biometric data. As soon as first deviations occur, measures can be taken immediately to prevent burnout and other disorders.

Anima Mentis Chair
Contact person for Austria

Helmut Taumberger

Managing Director Cross Markets, Austria

With his years of experience and a strong innovative mindset, Helmut Taumberger is digital transformation personified. As a Managing Director Cross Markets in Austria, he is responsible for steering the company’s strategic orientation and development. A qualified engineer, he has worked in the IT sector since 2003 and has lent his substantial expertise to various international businesses. He likes nothing more than coming up with practical strategies and getting people excited about technological change.

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