Customer retention with a unique customer experience

portal development leads to unique customer experience
  • Sympany commissions Zühlke and Stimmt, experts in customer focus, to design and implement a customer portal 
  • Stimmt and Zühlke support Sympany's digitisation strategy with portal development 
  • Sympany receives a forward-looking customer portal that inspires customers 

Sympany wants a web portal that stands out for its simplicity. Stimmt develops the concept, Zühlke sets it up in the shortest possible time together with Sympany.

As simple as possible

The health insurer’s brand promise is “simplicity”, and this should be reflected in every point of contact with their customers. Sympany commissioned the powerful duo Zühlke and Stimmt, experts in customer focus, to design and implement a customer portal that delivers on this promise. The aim of the web portal is to enable the insurer’s customers to manage key functions digitally and make it simple enough for anyone to use. Stimmt designed the corresponding concept, and Zühlke implemented it within just a few months. 

Roadmap to success

In interviews with customers, Stimmt identifies the central demands placed on the Sympany portal. Zühlke implements the resulting concept in iterative cycles. After each cycle, tests are conducted, and the concept is further refined. In addition, Stimmt and Zühlke create a roadmap that weighs up the customer benefits and feasibility of individual points. 

Fine-tuning the digital strategy

Zühlke and Stimmt further refine Sympany’s digital strategy, developing a customer portal with a well-thought out user interface within just a few months. Thanks to its responsive design, the portal is available on both a PC and a smartphone. This takes Sympany a step further in their quest for targeted digitalisation.