Connected piggy bank for children

  • A finished Internet of Things product is developed 

  • Multidisciplinary team develops solution from one source 

  • The piggy bank can be produced at a reasonable price 

Credit Suisse wanted to offer a digital piggy bank for children. From the bank's idea, Zühlke developed Digipigi and handled the production in Switzerland.

Connected piggy bank made in Switzerland

Credit Suisse launched the "VivaKids" banking package, which is designed to help children learn playfully how to handle money. A connected piggy bank is the central component. Credit Suisse contracted the experienced Swiss company Zühlke to develop a ready-to-go Internet of Things product from the original concept and to assume responsibility for the production in Switzerland. The IoT piggy bank was to be ready for production within one year. 

Anna Markmann Credit Suisse
' Zühlke really lives up to their motto 'Empowering Ideas' - the company put our idea into practice and prepared it for series production. '
Anna Markmann
Product Manager

Solution from one single source

In tandem with Credit Suisse, a multidisciplinary Zühlke team developed the design, mechanics, electronics, and firmware for Digipigi. The specialists also took responsibility for the production by Swiss manufacturers, thus ensuring that the piggy bank could be produced at a reasonable price.