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CONCORDIA: developing a new customer platform with Zühlke as a partner in digitalisation

myConcordia customer platform showed on a laptop and mobile phone on a table
  • Competitive edge, as the online self-service platform offers clear added value for customers
  • Continuous, agile implementation of new functions and processes at the customer interface
  • Better customer experience due to simplified processes

CONCORDIA wants to leverage digitalisation to gain an edge in a competitive market – with a new platform at the customer interface. They entrust Zühlke with developing, operating and improving the solution.

Leveraging the potential of digitalisation

CONCORDIA believes that digitalisation offers great potential to improve customer service in a competitive market. The Swiss provider of health insurance and provision solutions was looking for a reliable, long-term partner in this area. They have found the perfect partner in Zühlke. CONCORDIA and Zühlke collaborate on developing a modern online portal at the customer interface.

portrait photo of Dr. Stephan Pleisch
' Zühlke has been decisive in helping CONCORDIA continuously offer our insured persons new services via digital channels. '
Dr. Stefan Pleisch

Agile DevOps approach

A multidisciplinary DevOps team, consisting of specialists from Zühlke and CONCORDIA, is responsible for the development of the platform. The project has an agile set-up characterised by a rolling roadmap, continuous prioritisation and a high level of flexibility. The holistic approach covers all functional streams – including the customer portal, mobile app and premium calculator. This makes it possible to design, realise, operate and continuously develop a self-service online customer portal within a short space of time.

Competitive edge

With the new portal, CONCORDIA can handle all interactions with and for customers 24/7. In addition to UX factors, there is a particular focus on security. Modern interface technology is used to connect the customer portal to the various backend systems (e.g. ERP). Since the new solution was put in place, Zühlke has been tasked with operating it on CONCORDIA’s behalf and has formed an interdisciplinary team to work on continuously improving it. Thanks to the new portal, CONCORDIA can now offer its insured persons clear added value, thereby gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Armando Paz Zühlke
Contact person for Switzerland

Armando Paz

Senior Business Development Manager

Armando Paz is Senior Business Development Manager and since September 2020 at Zühlke. Armando has been working in the IT environment for over 15 years with a strong background in financial services. His employers have included companies such as Union-Investment, Bloomberg, Fitch Solutions, State Street and start-up Fintech Tagmydeals. Armando holds a B.A. Hons in Business and Management and a Master of Accounting and Finance. His focus is on sales of software solutions and consultants to banks and insurance companies.