BEKB: enabling the innovation team with Zühlke

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  • Hands-on application of design sprint methods

  • Knowledge transfer through train-the-trainer approach

  • Team building through targeted workshop formats

BEKB aims to empower the newly formed team for innovation, customer experience and digitalisation to push forward with innovation. Zühlke conducts a series of remote team-building and method-transfer workshops.

Defining innovation processes

BEKB is re-organising its team for innovation, digitalisation and customer experience. In the first step, the management aims to create the basis for a common understanding of what the future innovation process should look like and which tools should be used. In concrete terms, it should define the methods to be used and the best way to organise the team. For this project, BEKB makes use of Zühlke’s innovation consulting.

Porträtfoto von Nicole Walker, BEKB
' Zühlke's inputs were an ideal fusion of methodology and practice. These workshops helped the team grow closer together. '
Nicole Walker
Head of Innovation, BEKB

Remote workshop series

The Zühlke team runs tailored workshops in the form of a design sprint. By asking specific and topical questions, the design sprint is brought to life for the whole team. This forms the basis for BEKB’s future innovation projects to be implemented by the team. In this way, the use of consistent methods can be ensured. The remote format also allowed the team members to practise their Miro skills.

Empowerment and team building

Thanks to the train-the-trainer approach, the hands-on use and experiencing of new methods, effective knowledge transfer could be achieved. The team building aspect also helped to strengthen mutual trust within the newly established department. The team is now ideally positioned to facilitate complex innovation projects within BEKB and make a valuable contribution to new products and services in the market.