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Automated testing for better, more efficient, faster product development

  • Systems must be tested under enormous electrical load, at the same time a high measuring accuracy is necessary  
  • Zühlke developed an automated and easy-to-use test environment  
  • Standard technologies ensure durability and maintainability of the solution 

Fire safety systems have to be 100 % reliable. Automated testing guarantees quality and reliability throughout development and across all product groups.

Comprehensive, international certification

Minimax is the global market leader in large-scale fire safety systems. These systems require extensive certification – the slightest error can be extremely costly. The company wanted an automated, user-friendly test environment to improve quality and productivity, and reliable, reproducible tests to speed up the approval process. Zühlke developed the system components.

Demanding applications

The systems must be subjected to very high electrical power during testing, while continuing to perform measurements to a high level of accuracy. The systems also need to be compatible with a wide variety of different hardware interfaces, and programming test procedures needs to be simple and intuitive. Zühlke used an interdisciplinary, agile approach to develop the system on time and on budget in parallel with ongoing product development. 

Minimax Bernd Hallwass
' Zühlke’s broad range of expertise and their flexibility in terms of team size and com-position enabled us to quickly overcome challenging problems together. '
Bernd Hallwass-Fedder
Head of Electronics Development, Minimax

Scaling to other product types

The result: an intelligent thermal design and a precise calibration procedure ensure reproducible measurements despite the high electrical power. Test adapters with indi-vidually optimised software are available for a wide range of interfaces. A standardised user interface enables users to perform complex tests without in-depth expertise.