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Alpiq primes cloud strategy for success with Zühlke

  • Zühlke provides strategic guidance and a prioritised cloud adoption framework.

  • Workshops, interviews, and analysis provide insight into key areas including cost and risk.

  • Alpiq gains understanding of different migration strategies, with high-level implementation roadmaps.

Alpiq wanted to take advantage of emerging cloud technologies. Discover how we enabled the energy services provider to understand and assess its options, mapping the right way forward for the organisation.

Alpiq wants to explore the cloud opportunity

Swiss energy service provider Alpiq wanted to explore the possibility of a cloud migration aimed at unlocking new business opportunities, higher quality services, and improved time to market. 

The organisation needed a clear and unbiassed view of its options and objectives to identify the right strategy, approach, and collaborators.

That's why the team turned to Zühlke to prime its cloud migration for success.

Partners with Zühlke to define a strategy and roadmap

Zühlke provided strategic guidance and a cloud adoption framework for a streamlined and secure cloud migration.

Interviews and stakeholder workshops with business leaders, IT managers, and service owners enabled the team to compare viable options and map the associated business value, risks, operational costs, and more.

The resulting cloud strategy spanned everything from application overview and target architectures, to the migration approach, multi-cloud management, infrastructure, integration, and monitoring.

We calculated operational and migration costs and defined a prioritised migration roadmap with major milestones and a measurement framework.

Alpiq has a clear and measurable path forward

Alpiq came to us looking to assess its options and navigate the right pathway to the best outcomes for the business and its customers.

Together we identified a streamlined and secure journey to the cloud that would mean minimal disruption to the business.

Our cloud strategy provided actionable insights which enabled the management team to make informed decisions when implementing its cloud-first principles. Crucially, this detailed business benefits including the provisioning speed, operational resilience, cost efficiency, and availability of innovative technologies.

Learn how to prime your cloud transformation for success with the help of our cloud experts.