Achieving goals through customer-centric innovation and market tests

symbolic picture for leisure activity risks: climbing rope

  • Rapid testing of ideas in the market through experiments based on the findings of behavioural science

  • Collaboration across departmental and company boundaries

  • Long-term partnership between Zühlke and Suva

Suva wants to find out which incentive systems are the most effective at increasing leisure-time safety awareness.
The team develops ideas and tests them in the market.

Strategy implementation as a challenge

Suva wants to start an initiative to implement the roadmap co-developed with Zühlke in its corporate strategy. Its goal is to increase prevention awareness among insured parties and reduce the accidents they experience in their leisure time. Zühlke’s role is to determine which incentives have the strongest preventative effect, and how they should be designed and communicated to address both the insured parties and employers in the best possible way.

Increased prevention awareness

The experiments show that targeted incentives have the potential to lead to a significant increase in the use of prevention offers by insured parties. The level of awareness of preventative measures is also significantly higher in the intervention groups than in the control group. This rapid, market-based testing allows Suva to gain valuable insights for its business. The collaboration with Zühlke is based on a long-term and highly successful partnership.