A scalable “Banking-as-a-Service" solution for the digital ecosystem

  • Standard Chartered Ventures (SC Ventures) has launched a “Banking-as-a-Service" (BaaS) solution, Standard Chartered nexus, and gone live in Indonesia. This created a digital banking and payment ecosystem with regional e-commerce partners in reaching out to the unbanked in the local market

  • Zühlke works collaboratively with SC Ventures to build new features in the platform

  • Zühlke plays an active role in enhancing the application interface and accelerating the delivery of the solution, allowing SC Ventures to focus on onboarding new partners onto the platform

Envisioning a better banking experience for customers

Standard Chartered Ventures (SC Ventures) launched and piloted a “Banking-as-a-Service” (BaaS) solution, Standard Chartered nexus, with the goal of reaching the unbanked segment and redefining the banking experience for customers globally. By actively partnering with leading consumer-facing platforms in the market, SC Ventures aims to provide new and tech-savvy customers with convenient access to financial services digitally through Standard Chartered nexus, such as the issuance of savings accounts, personal loans and conversion of purchases to instalments. 

Leveraging on our expertise in delivering banking solutions, Zühlke supports SC Ventures as a strategic technology partner for the build and delivery of new features on top of the existing infrastructure to ensure that the solution is scalable, flexible and future-proof. 


Creating a scalable solution that is integrable and deployable

The Zühlke team works closely with SC Ventures to develop new front-end features optimised for both mobile and website environments in Standard Chartered nexus. In close collaboration with regional teams across Singapore and Vietnam, the team adopted an agile development and delivery approach to ensure close feedback loops and collaboration. To improve scalability and enable the quick roll-out of new features, the team worked on uplifting the existing solution architecture as well as enhancing the application interface. 

The solution needed to be scalable and flexible as partner companion apps will be connected to the Standard Chartered banking ecosystem. Our engineers also ensured proper testing processes are in place to ensure product usability, performance, security, and compatibility. 

Building a connected digital banking ecosystem in Asia with Zühlke

Bringing a strong product-centric engineering culture with top-performing teams adopting agile practices, Zühlke accelerates value delivery through sprints and quicker decision-making process. With more efficient processes and consistent quality of work produced, SC Ventures can focus on increasing the pace of bringing new features to Standard Chartered nexus and meeting changing customer needs. 

With Standard Chartered nexus successfully in place, they are able to embark on the goal of creating a digital banking and payments ecosystem in the region, with two partnerships with Indonesian e-commerce platforms, Sociolla and Bukalapak, to offer digital financial products to its customers. 


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