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Strategy & Business Innovation

Zühlke creates effective strategies and breakthrough innovations that deliver long-term value, for you and your customers. We take a relentlessly agile, outside-in approach. In close collaboration, this proves transformative for our clients. We drive innovation with interdisciplinary teams that include business experts, UX designers, psychologists and mathematicians. In this way we fuse three essential perspectives: technology, business and human experience.

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Our strategy consulting provides clarity and alignment in a complex digital world that is full of uncertainty and the opportunity to reinvent the way you create value with a new digital business strategy.

Our innovation consulting turns promising ideas into concrete opportunities, and then the amazing products, services and business models that customers find compelling. We also examine the need to change or reorganise processes or parts of the company – to ensure you realise every innovation’s full potential.  

Our transformation consulting adapts your organisation to the changing business environment. We create agility, transforming your existing business even as we lay the foundation for the business model of tomorrow.

Strategy Consulting

Digital Strategy - We Reinvent the Way You Create Value

Zühlke develops digital strategies that ensure organisations stay relevant by aligning their respective business model with trends, technology, innovation and their customers’ needs. Whenever your customers experience your vision and values, digital strategy comes into its own. Our digital specialists help you identify the key component of effective strategies – a system based on mutually beneficial strategic choices that uniquely position your company to create sustainable competitive advantage and superior value. With our cutting-edge approach, we turn strategy formulation and execution into a virtuous circle – a self-sustaining, self-aligning relevance loop.

Strategic Innovation – We Co-create Your Portfolio and Roadmap for the Future

Innovation needs strategy. To realise the innovative potential of your organisation, you must strategically align your investment portfolio. You must make the right choices, back the right horses, and orchestrate vertical and horizontal budgets. Zühlke helps you do just that – anticipating the trends and seizing the opportunities that lay the foundations for innovation. Together, we draw up a roadmap for your business and create a business strategy, unlocking your potential to create new customer value, to differentiate, to reduce costs – and stay ahead of the game.

Innovation Consulting

Offering Innovation – We Turn Promising Ideas into Products, Services and Business Models That Make You the Market Leader

Differentiation is key to customer growth and competitive strategy. To differentiate your business in tomorrow’s markets, Zühlke helps you turn promising ideas into opportunities today.   
We use the Zühlke Innovation Sprint to identify and evolve ideas with great business potential. We work fast and focused, but with a broad solution horizon. With the Zühlke Rent-a-Startup® approach, we convert these ideas into amazing products, services and business models.  
Rent-a-Startup® evaluates promising ideas at high speed, with precisely the right manpower and skills. Our Rent-a-Startup® team works with your experts as an autonomous entity. Together they build, test and optimise your idea with real market feedback until they reach the right product/market fit. It’s fast, efficient and low-risk. As soon as you’re ready to realise an idea, our product and application services experts get involved. This integrated approach generates co-created new products, services and business models that combine groundbreaking technology and customer excitement with maximum business value and clear differentiation.

Process Innovation – We Power Quantum Leaps in Performance and Competitive Advantage

Zühlke helps makes your business more competitive by consistently aligning your output to your customers’ needs. By developing a process map and customer journey, our process innovation consultants expertly identify any processes and steps that cause unnecessarily high costs or trigger undesirable emotions among your customers. Together with you, we realistically cost every innovation and radically redesign your processes accordingly. Our soft and hardware experts handle technical implementation, incorporating each step on a roadmap according to its priority.  
Zühlke teams unleash the full potential of the latest technologies to make viable concepts a reality. With human-centred design as our guiding principle, enthusiastic customers are virtually guaranteed. 

Transformation Consulting

Agile Organisations

We Transform Your Business

The business environment is changing fast. So must your organisation. Timely and effective response to change and disruption is vital to seize opportunities and transform your existing business – even as you prepare the business model to come. 

Zühlke creates and enables agile organisations. We have a 20-year track-record of making businesses leaner and more adaptable through organisational design, development and transformation. Agility helps you manage ever-changing priorities. But it also increases your teams’ efficiency and productivity, empowering your company to bring products and services faster to market.

Of course, agile methods and processes are worth little without the courage to shape the big organisational picture. We help you tear down silos to unleash your company’s full potential and innovate new customer journeys in the digitalised marketplace. We adapt business steering mechanisms to complement your newfound agility, and better implement your digital business strategy. To establish transparency and effective steering, we help make financial decisions explicit in your value streams.

Zühlke Business Consulting
Zühlke Business Consulting
Zühlke Business Consulting
Stefan Malcherek Zühlke

Stefan Malcherek

Principal Business Consultant
Contact person for Germany

Stefan Malcherek is Principal Business Consultant at Zühlke Germany in the Hamburg Office since 2019. He has a diploma in business administration and extensive experience in management consulting, agile transition, the development of new business models, the management of interdisciplinary teams, the creation of new teams and start-ups. Before joining Zühlke, Stefan worked for PWC (Consulting) and a Boutique Management Consultancy in the energy and telecommunication industry.  After joining E.ON and the E.ON Accelerator he founded his own start-up and led it for three years developing a B2C data driven platform for energy customers.

+49 40 55 89 17 12 48
Ivo Ruckstuhl Zühlke

Ivo Ruckstuhl 

Director Solution Center 
Contact person for Switzerland

Ivo Ruckstuhl leads the Digital Consulting at Zühlke. For more than 17 years he is responsible for innovation, strategy, product management, software engineering, and business development in various leadership positions. His experience in digital transformation comprises diverse industries and ranges from startups to multinational enterprises. Ivo Ruckstuhl holds an HTL degree in electronic engineering from HSR and an Executive MBA from INSEAD.

+41 43 216 6481
Zühlke Christoph Bröcker

Christoph Bröcker

Managing Director
Contact person for Hong Kong

Christoph Bröcker is Managing Director of Zühlke in Hong Kong. With over 20 years of experience in the IT services industry, he has supported mission-critical projects primarily in banking, insurance, telecommunications, and manufacturing as a manager, consultant and engineer. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and an MBA from Mannheim Business School. Enthusiastic about the value that software can bring to our society and our lives, his current focus is on digital ecosystems and multi-sided platform business models.

+852 6467 1505
Zühlke Alan Moratelli

Alan Moratelli

Director Business Development
Contact person for United Kingdom

Alan Moratelli is a business development executive with 25 years of BPO experiences in the International domain, partnering some of the biggest enterprise names to deliver real value into operations, service and customer experience initiatives. Transformational growth and innovation at scale remains the source of his passion, aligned with the premise of ‘customer first’ at the core of all stakeholder centric activities. His innovation and tech savvy mindset supports opportunities to apply meaningful solutions, reimagined to both traditional and new world challenges.

+44 20 7113 5314 
Jonas Trindler

Jonas Trindler

CEO Asia
Contact person for Singapore

Jonas Trindler is CEO at Zühlke Asia and Partner at Zühlke Group. He founded subsidiaries in Singapore and Hong Kong, and heads the Asia team in partnering with companies in the business and technology sectors with a focus on developing solutions driving innovation for the digital future. Jonas Trindler has extensive experience in building, developing and growing high-performance agile engineering teams, having pioneered teams in various new locations on a global level.

+65 6921 7804
Cristian Hofmann

Cristian Hofmann

Business Solution Manager
Contact person for Austria

Cristian Hofmann is Business Solution Manager and since März 2020 at Zühlke. After his studies of Computer Science and Doctorate in "Digital Multimedia" and "User Experience", he worked at Fraunhofer Gesellschaft as Senior Researcher and Project Manager. From 2012 to 2020, he was employed at adesso Austria, for the time being as Project Manager, and later as Managing Consultant and Head of Consulting. His emphasis is the field of UX/CX and Innovation Management as well as Web and Mobile Applications. He was able to employ these skills at customers of diverse business areas, such as Insurance, Utilities or Public. 

+43 1 205 11 6860