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From ideation to operation – a next-gen mobile banking experience, medical-grade software for infusion pumps, or embedded software that runs on a connected construction machine - we can handle just about anything.

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When you work with Zühlke, you work with decades of experience in digital innovation – and a unique skill set. Our consultants bring more than technological expertise to the table. They are hardwired for teamwork, and take pride in their human-centered, business-focused approach. This is how we create breakthrough digital products and turn-key software applications with added value. Our mindset is a game changer for our clients, overcoming the challenges where others fail to break through. 

Our experts cover every stage of the lifecycle, from developing new applications and amazing digital products to modernising legacy systems, secure cloud infrastructure, DevOps and maintenance. Our skills range from full-stack development to UX design, AI to IoT to embedded and regulatory know-how.

Zuehlke expertise dsas plattformen
Zuehlke expertise dsas plattformen still

Digital Products & Platforms – We Build Best-In-Class Solutions

An effective digital product portfolio is a powerful enabler for your business. We ideate, design and build innovative digital products, portals, platforms and services that delight your customers so you stand out in the market.

Our teams scale digital delivery organisations to rapidly deploy reliable and scalable features and services. With our extensive partner network and start-up ecosystem, we blend off-the-shelf products with custom solutions built for your business alone – and operate them reliably.

Zuehlke expertise dsas cloud
Zuehlke expertise dsas cloud still

Cloud & Cyber Security

We Move You Quickly and Safely to the Cloud

Our cloud and cyber security experts simplify and speed up cloud migration, with maximum security and minimum disruption.

The cloud helps your business achieve a whole range of goals, be it a scalable and secure backend infrastructure or more effective use of big data. Whatever the challenge, our experts never cut corners. Security, scalability and resilience are guaranteed. Zühlke has a partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Zuehlke expertise dsas mixed reality
Zuehlke expertise dsas mixed reality still

Multi-Channel & Mixed Reality

We Inspire You with Next-Gen UIs

Your customers expect a consistent user-centred experience, no matter the digital touch point. They want to choose where and when along the customer journey they start to interact with your business, and through which channel.

That requires complex web and native mobile applications which take maximum advantage of advanced technology, including AR and VR. We have mastered the rapid development of these apps. Our experts create next-generation digital experiences, so you can make meaningful use of innovative products like the latest mixed-reality Microsoft HoloLens.

Zuehlke expertise dsas modernisation
Zuehlke expertise dsas modernisation still

Application Modernisation

We Assess and Reform Your IT 

Many organisations use a patchwork of outdated and therefore limiting software to run their core business processes – a risky and costly practice that puts them at a competitive disadvantage.

We help you avoid that trap. To maximise growth potential, we modernise your digital legacy digital applications. We analyse your digital landscape, conduct technical assessments, then refactor your old system or redesign your new systems and software architectures. 

Zuehlke expertise dsas medizinprodukte
Zuehlke expertise dsas medizinprodukte still

Regulated Medical Products

We Enable the Enhanced Digital Patient Experience

Modern platforms enable patients and health care providers to interact seamlessly with experts or expert systems. Effective use of portals, devices, data analytics, the Internet of things and wearables – in intelligent combination – opens the door to interconnected products that can rise to the challenge of the new era of personalised medicine.

Our specialists in medical applications and human factors engineering design cutting-edge apps and digital solutions in full compliance with Software as Medical Device (SaMD) regulations. To accelerate approval of your products, we take a resourceful approach to regulatory pathway definition.

Zuehlke expertise dsas applications
Zuehlke expertise dsas applications still

Embedded Applications – We Create Smart Connected Products

To turn your devices into smart connected products, we generate embedded software solutions tailored to the complexity of specific hardware. We are experts in creating customised embedded software that effectively collects, processes, displays and communicates data on the complex devices that will dominate IoT.

We develop for embedded systems of all different sizes and levels, for quick prototypes and production-ready systems. We also shape and run smart remote services that are the ideal fit for your business. 

Zuehlke expertise dsas devops
Zuehlke expertise dsas devops still

DevOps – We Speed up Digital Innovation

Our teams use automation and DevOps to deliver a continuous stream of features at incredible speed. From the initial idea to the product, we go through more feedback cycles that raise the rate of throughput.

You benefit from shorter waiting times for results and, above all, the capacity to make innovation happen faster. Our DevOps specialists have an excellent track record, with clients reporting productivity gains as high as 30%.  

Quality Assurance

While enabling the team to build high quality (software) products efficiently, quality assurance reduces cost and risk combined with decreased time-to-market.

Our quality assurance (QA) specialists enable and support organizations, teams and individuals in the transformation from traditional (waterfall) testing to agile quality assurance. Our holistic approach to QA covers the whole lifecycle and utilizes synergies with automation, DevOps and more.

Whether it is about requirements gathering, team composition, testing, tooling, process setup or optimization, quality assurance and people with the respective skills are crucial. We support you in your individual situation with the required know-how tailored to your needs. From personal, methodology or tool coaching, over review of existing structures to hands-on testing, our QA specialists cannot wait to make their hands dirty and build in quality together with your team.

Zuehlke expertise dsas management
Zuehlke expertise dsas management still

Application Management Services

We Build It, We Run It

Whereas project teams only come together for the duration of their project, product teams have the responsibility of owning, building and running their product for its entire lifetime. They are accountable for its long-term evolution and value to the business.

A digital service is a product – and it needs to be managed as such. By operating, maintaining and evolving the service, we take responsibility for its long-term success. Our experts operate high-quality application management services, on a 24/7 basis – to make sure we keep every single one of the business promises that we make.

Zühlke Software Engineering
Zühlke Software Engineering
Zühlke Software Engineering
Zühlke Markus Reding

Markus Reding

Director Solution Center
Contact person for Switzerland

Markus Reding leads the Solution Center Collaboration & Portals at Zühlke. For more than 20 years he is responsible for innovation, strategy, product management, software engineering, and business development in various leadership positions. His experience in digital transformation comprises diverse industries and ranges from startups to multinational enterprises.

Zühlke Florian Hacklinger

Florian Hacklinger

Director Solution Center / Group CISO
Contact person for Germany

As Director Solution Center for Finance & Logistics, Florian Hacklinger is responsible for innovative (software) development projects in service-related industries such as finance or insurance. In changing roles such as developer, project manager, trainer or mandate manager, he looks back on over 20 years of experience in software development.

Zühlke Stefan Novoszel

Stefan Novoszel

Senior Business Solution Manager
Contact person for Austria

Stefan Novoszel joined Zühlke in September 2018. After graduating as DI (FH), Stefan gained in depth experience regarding the digitalisation of customer channels. He worked in the insurance-, banking and telecom sectors. His passion lies in the creation of digital value chains with which companies can inspire both their customers and their own employees.

Zühlke Luca Cacchiani

Luca Cacchiani

Business Solution Manager
Contact person for Hong Kong

Luca has extensive experience in IT for over 13 years, holding both technical and management positions in large consulting organisations in both London and Hong Kong, focusing on highly technical solutions for the financial, utility, transport and logistics industry. Luca led large digital transformation projects that brought significant impact in company revenue and product revitalisation, reducing production costs across different areas. He studied Computer Science and holds a Master's degree in Informatics Systems and an MBA in Finance from LBS.


William Dew

Managing Director Business Development
Contact person for Singapore

William Dew leads Business Development for Zühlke in Singapore. He has over 20 years of experience working with diverse organisations across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East to solve complex business and technology challenges. Prior to joining Zühlke, William was the founder and CEO of a PropTech business in Hong Kong and has held various APAC leadership roles within companies in the FinTech and Communications industries.

Myles Davidson

Myles Davidson

Director Business Development
Contact person for United Kingdom

Myles Davidson is an experienced leader for the digital transformation of companies and product innovation. Significant experience in driving business initiatives on a local and international level in a complex and rapidly changing environment. Myles is known as trusted advisor for clients at C- and board-level for strategic questions around business innovation and technology.