Why low code solves your problem

Even though it is Low-Code, it is still software engineering - Zühlke has decades of experience in software engineering. This ensures that you excel in Low-Code development right from the beginning. 

Low-Code is a paradigm, not only a technology, and thus, it is key to consider processes, experience, and strategy, as well. Zühlke combines technology, user experience and business aspects. We understand how the technology Low-Code works, understand its business implication and benefits and how crucial user adoption is. You profit from our expert pool and our experience in all three areas. 

Vendor independence is key for us. Zühlke is vendor-independent in all business areas. This allows us to focus on your success and recommend what is best for your business. 

Everything profits from experience, so does Low-Code development. We implemented several Low- Code projects successfully and know the pitfalls and risks. You benefit from this expertise and our measures to reduce the risks in Low-Code development. 

  • Would Low-Code solve your current challenges? 
    We assist you in assessing whether Low-Code creates benefits for you. 
    Make informed decisions by having a clear and objective picture on costs and return-on-invest. Evaluate use cases and get a heatmap of use cases and their fit for Low-Code. 

  • Do you build sustainable applications with Low-Code? 
    We assess your current Low-Code applications and recommend improvement. 
    Actionable recommendations incl. impact assessment how to improve your Low-Code architecture. Results combine high-quality software engineering competence and Low-Code experience. 

  • Are your Low-Code applications secure and well protected? 
    Our experience in IT security combined with our expertise in building real-life applications on Low-Cde lead to actionable recommendation to improve your application’s security. 
    Our risk-driven approach prioritizes reasonable controls and compliance implicitly. Results combine high-quality software engineering competence and Low-Code experience. 

  • How can you start or scale your Low-Code development? 
    Our experienced team assists you in starting or scaling your Low-Code development guiding you with best-practices from real-world applications. 
    We strengthen your team with Zühlke experts in Low- Code development and provide actionable recommendations covering organization and processes to scale with Low-Code. We also appreciate long-term collaborations with our clients to support them in building and maintain applications on various Low-Code platforms.

Our partners

We work with three partners in the Low-Code area:


We team up with LowCodeLab@OST

We have entered into a strategic partnership with the LowCodeLab@OST at OST - Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences to research the potential of empowering non-IT professionals to carry out programming tasks with the help of Low Code.

Blog Low Code

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Together with Mendix we were at the DIA 2022 in Munich
Silvan Stich
Contact person for Switzerland

Silvan Stich

Head of Low-Code

Silvan Stich has taken on the role of Head of Application Platforms as of January 2022. His focus is on team leadership and he is responsible for the development and advancement of the Application Platforms topic within the Cloud Practice. Silvan gained experience with application platforms as a project manager in various projects and bid phases. The great flexibility paired with fast implementation inspires him for the technologies.