Industrial IoT Starterkit 

The IoT kickstarter by AWS and Zühlke

While the Internet of Things is opening up unprecedented opportunities for industry, at the same time, it’s threatening to overwhelm companies with its complexity. Would you like to get off to a speedy start with a simple and affordable solution that instantly delivers real benefits in your production environment?

The Industrial IoT Starterkit by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Zühlke is a modular solution comprising tried-and-tested individual hardware and software components (‘building blocks’) that we select specifically to suit your application and your goals. It can be upgraded one step at a time, giving you a quick, easy and affordable way of getting your foot in the door of the Internet of Things (IoT). At the same time, the solution offers total flexibility, expandability and scalability.  Unlike most predefined standard solutions available on the market, which usually lead to vendor lock-in, the Starterkit allows you to remain independent and future-proof:

  • Vendor-independent and individual smart connected solution
  • Scalable, market-tested and extremely powerful IoT solution
  • Immediate benefits in your real production environment
  • A modular system that comprises individual building blocks and can be flexibly expanded
  • Reliable, flexible and powerful components from the AWS Cloud
  • A fixed budget and complete cost transparency
Jörg Sitte
' The Industrial IoT Starterkit is just the first step into the world of the IoT. Companies can expand their solutions one step at a time. And you can do so on your own terms, since you aren’t tied to any manufacturers or service providers.
Jörg Sitte
Business Development Director and AWS Partner Manager at Zühlke

Industrial IoT Starterkit by AWS and Zühlke – the benefits for you

A scalable and market-tested IoT solution

You get a reliable and market-tested solution that is ready for immediate use, is extremely powerful and can be flexibly expanded. It can be integrated into your existing IT landscape and works in your real production environment right from the word go.

Flexible combination of building blocks

The Industrial IoT Starterkit contains building blocks from the edge equipment, connectivity (Ethernet or mobile telephony), data storage, data visualisation and further data processing segments, along with modules designed to connect external systems’ interfaces. The kit is built on flexible, powerful components from the AWS Cloud.  There’s nothing standing in the way of subsequent analysis of your data, such as through using machine learning. AWS Lookout for Equipment or AWS Sagemaker, for example, are extremely easy to integrate.

Vendor-independent and individual smart connected solution

Zühlke’s IoT professionals arrange the tried-and-tested building blocks for you, taking a vendor-independent and individual approach, to create your smart connected solution. The long-standing partnership between AWS and Zühlke also increases both the agility and the speed of the project, and therefore saves valuable resources.

A fixed budget and complete cost transparency

The Industrial IoT Starterkit is available at a predetermined price that’s only a fraction of a typical IoT project budget, giving you complete cost transparency from day one and freedom from worrying about costs spiralling out of control.

Industrial IoT Starterkit by AWS and Zühlke – what we offer

  • Kick-off workshop and conclusion workshop
  • Selection of sensor and connectivity hardware (edge devices)
  • Arrangement of building blocks
  • Data visualisation using the dashboard
  • Installation and configuration
  • Operating costs for cloud building blocks (three months)
IoT Starterkit Angebot

Contact us and let the Industrial IoT Starterkit kickstart the process of getting your foot in the door of the Internet of Things. We’ll help you create your customised smart connected solution quickly and easily. 

Jörg Sitte
Contact person for Germany

Jörg Sitte

Director Business Development, Germany

As Director Business Development, Jörg Sitte is responsible for business development in the mechanical/plant engineering and MedTech sectors in Southern Germany. He is intensively involved in IoT and digitalisation projects as well as all the disciplines required for these projects, such as software (embedded, cloud and apps), electronics, sensor technology and mechanics/construction. He is convinced that the competitiveness of companies is increasingly determined by a successful digitalisation strategy. 

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