Investment can be daunting and difficult to start for many beginners.

With the investment industry being heavily dependent on financial intermediaries such as banks, insurance companies, securities brokerages and platforms that earn a commission based on their distribution to end investors, the true needs of the investor are often being neglected.

In our search for a potential solution that can ease novice investors into starting investments, engineers at Zuhlke released a Proof of Concept solution for a new game app fit for that purpose. InveZt Lah! is a fun, easy and engaging mobile investing game app built for educating investment and risk management knowledge for retail investors to learn the basic principles of investing and make better, well-informed investment decisions. The game offers a safe environment for users to have the freedom to fail, experiment and choose different scenarios to play based on realistic market data.

The problem statement? How might we utilise a gaming platform to build investment and risk management knowledge for retail investors to make better, well-informed investment decisions?

Through the game, users will learn:

  • About a wide range of financial instruments they can invest in 
  • How their decisions influence defined life goals
  • The value of diversification and passive long-term investing
  • Their own investment profile through safe trial-and-error

Watch the story behind InveZt Lah!

Designed for a holistic learning experience

InveZt Lah! is a game app designed to offer users a holistic learning experience about various investment instruments, understand their own decision-making process, the impact of their actions or lack of it — all in a fun, engaging and simulated environment.

We want players to be empowered to realise why they should invest, gain insights on how to reach their life goals, understand the variety of investment options available and be confident when it’s time to act in the real world.

A Real-life Simulation

The game setup realistically imitates the real-life workings of how decisions come to influence defined life goals to build up a player's confidence when it comes to real-world financial decisions. With real data points used when it is applicable with the relevant data sets (e.g. stock historical prices), players can choose to simulate a historical period in life by defining a relevant starting year and duration. The element of random events and the continuous running time aspect in the game also provide a realistic simulation of real-life decisions and life progress. As an example, when a random event like a car accident is triggered, the system prompts the player to make a decision on next steps whether to extend insurance coverage and thereafter conclude the impact of the decision at the end of the gameplay.

User Personalisation

Players can create their own character with an avatar, age, short bio, simulation starting year, game duration and life goals. A realistic investment profile allows the players to simulate real-life scenarios in a virtual setting, and provide them with a chance to reflect on their financial performance based on decisions in the life simulation. We also envision a journaling feature to give players the ability to note their thoughts and feelings as they learn and get better in making investment decisions.

Expanding the Knowledge Base

Through the Academy, users are able to pick up digestible bits of information about various investment instruments as well as knowledge and tips on investing. New instruments can be introduced progressively for players to learn and experiment for their portfolio mix. The evergreen game content is easily manageable with a concept similar to a Content Management System (CMS). Knowledge base structure and content are configurable and can be flexibly adapted according to the needs and best practices of the business.

InveZt Lah! Investment Game App Screens

Game app built on Flutter:

  • An open-source UI software development kit created by Google
  • Used to develop cross platform applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Fuchsia and the web.
  • Fast development with built-in widgets
  • New and modern framework

Other tools used by our Agile team:

  • Collaboration: Jira and Microsoft Teams
  • Wireframe: Balsamiq, Whimsical and Marvel App
  • Version control: GitLab

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